McDonough County

The following is a selective guide designed to assist students, faculty and the general public in accessing online documentation and information on McDonough county provided by the Government and Legal Information unit of Western Illinois University Malpass Library. This is not a complete listing of all that is available, merely a selection of sources which may be of interest. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office via email or phone (309) 298-2722.



McDonough County Census Quickfacts
Cursory population and business statistics.
County & City Data Book
This site allows one to create a report after selecting provided variables. Choose McDonough County--note that under "city" there are no McDonough County communities available. Unlike the 1988 version, the 1994 and 2000 cites its sources.
Illinois Land Cover Summary: Data by Counties.
This site briefly describes county land cover and ranks counties by various criteria.
McDonough County, Illinois
McDonough County's official website. Provides links to organizations and schools and provides information on county history.
City of Macomb
This is the official website for Macomb, IL.


County Business Patterns
Select "Illinois," then "McDonough County." This database provides numbers of employees, payroll, and total types of businesses for NAICS codes in a chosen county.
Economic Census:
1992, 1997, 2002
Tables present retail, wholesale, service, manufacturing, and minority business information.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
Information about McDonough County banks can be found at this site. Click on Bank Data, Individual Banks, then Institution Directory.
Census of Agriculture
This site gives McDonough County's size and number of farms, the types of animals raised and crops grown, and more for 1997 and 2002. Sources cited.
Local Area Unemployment Statistics
This site gives unemployment statistics from the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES).
County Prevailing Wage
This site gives the current data from the Illinois Department of Labor listed by county.

Public Health/Environment:

EPA: Your Community
This site lists names and addresses of individuals and businesses which produce hazardous waste. Simply type in a \ zip code for McDonough County.
NOAA Weather
This site has the current weather conditions for McDonough County, short and long-term forecasts, and related links.
Coal Mines in McDonough County
This site from the Illinois State Geological Society contains a directory and a map of known underground and strip mines. Scroll down and click on McDonough County.
Illinois Department of Public Health Statistics
Links to vital statistics--births, deaths, marriages, and divorces--for McDonough County.
Community Health Status Indicators
This program from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services allows you to pick any county in any state, provides peer county and national comparisons, and shows data concerning leading causes of death, life expectancy, birth data, and environmental health.
Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs
This site from the Illinois Department of Public Health compares county level data with state level data on topics such as infant mortality, cause of death, teen pregnancy, prenatal care, infectious disease rates, etc.
Illinois Sex Offender Information
The State Police offers the names, addresses, and mug shots of current sex offenders in the state. On the right side of the screen, click on Registered Sex Offender Info, then click on search by county.


WIU Archives and Special Collections
This branch of the WIU Main Library maintains primary sources from McDonough County, as well as many surrounding counties. Included are newspapers, manuscripts, business records, photographs, and more from the early 19th Century to the present. Coverage is uneven, and less is found when searching for materials further from Macomb. See the office on the sixth floor for collection finding aids and holding lists.
Illinois Regional Archives Depository (WIU)
This branch of the Illinois State Archives maintains county, township, and municipal records and shares office and collections space with the WIU Archives and Special Collections. A holdings list for McDonough County can be viewed as an HTML file or with Adobe Acrobat. Scroll down to "Obtaining County Listings", then click on McDonough County.

Legal/ Law Enforcement:

Municipal Code of Macomb Illinois (pdf)
For the current Macomb municipal ordinances, try this site or ask for this volume at the GovPubs desk on the 4th floor of the WIU library.
Legl Ref KFI 1631.5.M3
Also available on the
City of Macomb website.