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WIU Honors College Participates in Chinese Exchange

November 20, 2013

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MACOMB, IL - The Centennial Honors College at Western Illinois University experienced a real time exchange between 16 Chinese students via Skype on Wednesday, Nov. 6 in the Malpass Library, as a way to expand the students' knowledge about the people and culture of China.

WIU History Professor Timothy Roberts is currently teaching an American legal history course at Zhejiang University. Roberts arranged to have the exchange with his students in China and the Honors College students at WIU.

The subject of the exchange was the United States Constitution's Second Amendment, including historical underpinnings and development of the Second Amendment, the recent landmark decision of McDonald V. Chicago (2010) and the problems associated with the need to balance the individual right to keep and bear arms.

Both groups of students were required to read three online articles in common regarding the efficacy and limits of gun rights. The Chinese students also emailed nine questions regarding the Second Amendment to the WIU students.

The Chinese students asked the WIU students what college life was like in America. The American students also had some questions regarding studies and life in China.

Both groups of students were able to exchange ideas and benefit from each other's experiences. Officials with the Centennial Honors College hope to continue these face-to-face exchanges.

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