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President Announces Campus Committees

October 1, 2002

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Dear Campus Community,

I am pleased to announce the members of the Provost Search Committee and the Institutional Planning Committee. Please know that the decisions were difficult ones due to the number of nominations and volunteers.

What will be most important to the search and the development of the institutional plan is the involvement of the entire campus community. We want the search and the creation of the plan to be open and interactive processes. The planning committee, for example, will make all documents available for input as they are developed. All drafts of the plan will be shared early with the campus for input. We will also meet with governance groups and focus groups throughout the planning process.

The Provost search committee will also seek input throughout the search. For example, Tom Tomlinson, who is chairing the committee, has asked that the campus community respond to him regarding the characteristics and qualifications for the Provost. Feel free to email him at by Thursday, October 10 so that he can share your suggestions with the full committee.

Please know that I appreciate all of the support I have received for both of these important matters. I look forward to working with the committees.


Al Goldfarb
Western Illinois University

The first meeting of the Provost Search Committee will be from 8-9 a.m. Friday, Oct. 4 in the University Union Board Room.


Membership (19 voting & 1 non-voting):


Representative from Faculty Senate selected by Senate - Committee Chair

  • Tom Tomlinson - recommended by Faculty Senate


Affirmative Action Director

  • Cathy Couza - non-voting


(1) Full-time faculty member from each of the four Colleges + the Library + WIU-QC

  • Huff, Douglas (Music) - submitted by Jim Butterworth
  • Maakestad, William (Management) - submitted by David Beveridge
  • Meloy, Linda (Special Education) - submitted by WIU-QC Council of Faculty
  • Satern, Miriam (Physical Education) - recommended by COEHS faculty/submitted by Bonnie Smith-Skripps
  • Shouse, Aimee (Political Science) - recommended by Arts and Sciences faculty; submitted by Phyllis Farley Rippey
  • Thompson, William (Leslie F. Malpass Library) - recommended by James Huesmann


Full-time employee from the School of Extended and Continuing Education

  • Stout, Patrick (Assoc. Director for Television) - recommended by SECE Directors


Full-time faculty members selected by the President from recommendations from the Deans and Faculty Senate

  • Joswick, Tom (English) - recommended by Faculty Senate
  • Na'Allah, Abdul-Rasheed (African American Studies) - recommended by Phyllis Farley Rippey


Vice President chosen by the Vice Presidents

  • Johnson, W. Garry - Vice President for Student Services


Dean elected by the Deans

  • Butterworth, James - Dean, College of Fine Arts & Communication


Department Chairperson selected by the President from 4 Nominations from the Deans

  • Phillips, Donna (Chair, Physical Education) - nominated by Bonnie Smith-Skripps


Member of COAP elected by COAP Council

  • Seaton, Beth (Sponsored Projects)


Member of Civil Service elected by CSEC

  • Terry, Kristi (alternate: Hines, Pam)


Full-time student (undergraduate) in good academic standing recommended by SGA

  • Schier, Joshua (SGA Speaker of the Senate)


Full-time student (graduate) selected by the President from 4 nominations from the Deans

  • Brown, Sherri (grad student; Sociology) - nominated by Phyllis Farley Rippey


At the President's discretion, up to two additional employees from any constituent group

  • Harris, Karen (UPI)
  • Oden, Lorette (Health Sciences)

The first meeting of the Institutional Planning Committee will be from 8-9 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 8 in the University Union Kaskaskia Room. Members of the committee include:


Membership (31 voting & 1 non-voting):


President (Chair)

  • Goldfarb, Al


Co-Chair/Facilitator, appointed by President (non-voting member)

  • Cavins, Kathy


Vice Presidents

  • Stiffler, Eric
  • Johnson, W. Garry
  • Mortier, Larry
  • Thompson, Jackie



  • Beveridge, David
  • Butterworth, Jim
  • Huesmann, James
  • Nielsen, Joyce
  • Rippey, Phyllis Farley
  • Smith-Skripps, Bonnie


Department Chairs selected by President from nominations from Deans

  • Ackil, Jim (Chair, Psychology) nominated by Phyllis Farley Rippey
  • DiGrino, Nick (Chair, RPTA) nominated by Bonnie Smith-Skripps


Faculty (1 is Chair of Senate; President appoints 7 members of 6 recommended by Faculty Senate and 6 recommended by Deans to make certain all factors related to representation are taken into account)

  • Adams, John Quincy (Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies) recommended by Bonnie Smith- Skripps)
  • Bailey, Suzanne (Quad Cities)
  • Hallwas, John (English/Journalism & Library Archives) recommended by Faculty Senate
  • Hassan, Egla (Theatre) nominated by Jim Butterworth
  • Magliocco, Maurine (English & Journalism)
  • Meagher, Shawn (Biological Sciences) recommended by Faculty Senate
  • Sharp, Krista Bowers (Leslie F. Malpass Library) nominated by James Huesmann
  • Solymossy, Emeric (Management) nominated by David Beveridge
  • Tomlinson, Tom (LEJA) (Chair, Faculty Senate) recommended by Faculty Senate
  • Wise, Paula (Psychology) recommended by Faculty Senate & Phyllis Farley Rippey


COAP Chair & 1 Additional COAP representative to be selected from 3 recommendations from COAP

  • Powell, Randy (Director, Auxiliary Services)
  • Sartore, Patricia (Chair, COAP - Director, Beu Health Center)


CSEC Chair & 1 additional CSEC representative to be selected from 3 recommendations from CSEC

  • Barker, Bonnie (University Relations)
  • Williams, Rick (Chair, CSEC)


SGA Presidents

  • Lawrence, Scott (Quad Cities)
  • Mullins-Silverstein, Christopher (Macomb)


Student Trustee

  • Hammond, Trish


Graduate student chosen from 4 recommendations from the Deans

  • Johnson, Megan (grad student; CSP program) - nominated by self

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