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At the 2018 CSI camp, students learned how to collect evidence from crime scenes.
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Participants collected fingerprints to analyze.
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One student participated in the K9 demonstration.
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The CSI camp is a hands-on, interactive experience for presented by criminal justice professionals.
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Western Illinois University Hosts Summer CSI Camp

June 20, 2019

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MACOMB, IL - - The Western Illinois University School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration (LEJA), an internationally-known, top criminal justice/public safety program, will host a summer CSI (crime scene investigation) youth camp for area high school juniors and seniors, as well as some incoming freshmen, June 24-27.

The CSI program is an interactive, hands-on experience presented by WIU criminal justice professionals, as well as Illinois State Police and crime scene professionals.

Beginning Monday, the week will start off with a bang … literally, with a bomb squad demonstration. After WIU Professor Todd Lough and LEJA Instructor Glen Schwartz give introductions and an overview, students will have the opportunity to participate in several mock situations throughout the week, as well as learn from professionals in the field. They will collect evidence, compare ballistic and fingerprint specimens, analyze blood splatter, draw crime scene sketches, create tire or foot castings, prepare crime scene sketches, perform "black" florescent light investigations and write basic reports. Students will also learn about the use of informants and how undercover operations are handled, as well as the craft of interviewing and interrogating witnesses and suspects.

For more information, contact Schwartz at (309) 298-1439 or

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