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WIU-QC Recognizes Years of Service Milestones

May 5, 2022

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MOLINE, IL - - MACOMB/MOLINE, IL – Western Illinois University-Quad Cities hosted a Faculty and Staff Years of Service Reception Wednesday, May 4 to recognize faculty and staff who are celebrating their 10, 15, 20 and 25 year milestones at WIU. Milestone holders enjoyed refreshments and were recognized by WIU Quad Cities Vice President Kristi Mindrup.

Ten years of service:

  • Lora Adams-Kopriva- WQPT

  • Audrey Adamson- Retention

  • Amanda Bergeson- WQPT

  • Michael Buller- Operations and Maintenance

  • Heather Crouch- Education

  • Kassandra Daly- Admissions

  • Eric Faierson- Manufacturing Lab

  • Blair McDonald- Engineering and Technology

  • Jonathan McKenna- Technological Services

  • Rebecca McLean- Counselor Education

  • Terry Mitchell- Operations and Maintenance

  • Temia Rice- Student Activities

  • Dawn Schmitt- WQPT

  • Il-Seop Shin- Engineering and Technology

  • Khaled Zbeeb- Engineering and Technology

  • Fifteen years of service:

  • Colin Harbke- Psychology

  • Daniel Malachuk- English

  • Kristi Mindrup- Administration

  • Michelle Padilla- Operations and Maintenance

  • Alison Shook- Provost and Academic Vice President

  • Jeffrey Sim- Psychology

  • Tammy Werner- Sociology/Anthropology

  • Twenty years of service:

  • Terry Clayton- Computer Sciences

  • Mikhail Grachev- Management and Marketing

  • Leslie O'Ryan- Counselor Education

  • Carla Paciotto- Education

  • Padmaja Pillutla- Accounting, Finance, Economics and Decision Sciences

  • Twenty-five years of service:

  • Thomas Finley- Libraries

  • Kimberly Moreno- COEHS Academic Advising

  • Leslie Mose- Academic Affairs

  • James Rabchuk- Arts and Sciences

  • Curtis Williams- Admissions

  • "I want to thank each and every WIU Quad Cities faculty and staff member for their years of commitment and dedication to students, to their profession and discipline, to each other and to our community," said Mindrup.

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