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WIU Recognition and Service Award recipients
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40-year employees Ralph Dirksen and William Anderson
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WIU Employees Recognized for Service

May 1, 2009

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MACOMB, IL - - Six Western Illinois University employees were selected to receive community service and distinguished service awards They, along with employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service to WIU, were honored at the annual Employee Service Recognition Reception held April 28 in the University Union Lamoine Room.

Shannon Cramer, research and instruction consultant for University Technology, and Todd Louden, Police Corporal for Western's Office of Public Safety (OPS), received Community Service Awards, which include a certificate from the Office of Human Resources and a $250 stipend from the WIU Alumni Association.

Dana Biernbaum, assistant vice president for administrative services; Patty Battles, office manager, Centennial Honors College; Connie Kreps, office support specialist for the psychology department; and Jerrie Walters-Harris, chief clerk for the educational leadership department, received the Recognition and Service Awards, which include a certificate and a $250 stipend from the Office of Human Resources.

Cramer was nominated for the Administrative Community Service Award for her years of commitment to the West Prairie High School (Sciota, IL) FFA Alumni organization, for which she currently serves as secretary. As a member of the organization's auction and scholarships committee, Cramer works to obtain items to sell at the group's annual auction, an event that has raised more than $100,000 for college scholarships since 1993. This fundraising has enabled more than 300 students to attend leadership conferences and continue their education beyond high school in agriculture or other fields.

Louden was nominated for the Civil Service Community Service Award for his long-standing commitment to a number of service and volunteer projects both on campus and in the region. An employee of OPS and WIU for 25 years, Louden also serves as chief of the Good Hope/Sciota (IL) Volunteer Fire Protection District, of which he has been a member for the past 30 years. In addition to serving as a Town Board member of the Village of Good Hope, he is also a member and past president of the Good Hope/Sciota Lion's Club, which organizes fundraisers to assist those in the community with vision and hearing problems. In addition, Louden is the vice chairman and longest serving member of the 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System Board (ETSB); member and past president of Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Lodge No. 169, (which sponsors the annual Macomb Bike Rodeo promoting children's safety); volunteer umpire for the American Softball Association and CPR instructor and volunteer for the McDonough County Red Cross.

"Todd has devoted his time, efforts and resources to the community in hopes of improving the lives of others and making it a safer place to live and work," wrote nominator Kerrie Bishop, OPS officer. "I truly feel he is an inspiration to others."

Biernbaum was nominated for the Administrative Recognition and Service Award for her work in developing and implementing an emergency preparedness program on campus, in particular the Western Emergency Alert System (WEAS).

"In light of recent occurrences on college campuses around the country, it was necessary to take a look at risk management and emergency preparedness programs -- which now encompass emergency exercises and planning, training and education, among other initiatives. Dana was charged with the task of developing an emergency preparedness program last year. Many of us on campus knew she would get the job done, but I, probably like most, assumed it would take years to get such a system researched, developed and implemented," wrote nominator Amy Spelman, director of Western's Alumni Programs.

"Dana researched systems and companies, developed a committee, and with the committee visited multiple departments across campus to determine what each was currently doing and their specific needs. It happened quickly and nearly flawlessly. This system truly touches every single person on campus, as well as parents and community members. It makes us feel safe in our environment, and most importantly, it makes our students' parents feel comfortable putting their children in our hands."

Battles, a WIU employee for more than 20 years, was nominated for the Civil Service Recognition and Service Award for her "high caliber" overall job performance and dependability. According to her nominator, Battles is central to planning and execution of two Honors Convocations each year, as well as numerous college events, including the annual Undergraduate Research Day.

"Patty is a great 'front line' contact person for the University--on the phone, via e-mail and in person, including meeting students and parents, as well as faculty and staff," wrote nominator William Knox, Centennial Honors College director. "In addition to her superior work ethic, her wit and sense of humor contribute to the high morale of our office. Since 1987, she has been integral to the College's success."

Kreps, who serves as secretary for the psychology department's three graduate programs and manager of the department's test library, is also the secretary/receptionist for Western's Psychology Clinic, which serves western Illinois and southeast Iowa communities and provides training experience for students. She was nominated for the Civil Service Recognition and Service Award for "handling all incoming requests for services, interviewing prospective clients regarding their difficulties and gathering personal and sensitive information in a manner that is professional yet warm."

"Her insights not only into the operation of the clinic, but also into the clients' needs and situations, are unparalleled," wrote nominator Tracy Knight, clinical/community mental health option coordinator and associate professor of psychology. "When clients arrive for appointments, Connie is the 'face' of the clinic (and the University), and without fail she helps our clients feel comfortable and welcome as they await their appointments. She is integrally involved in all facets of graduate programs and never hesitates to assist students, faculty and fellow staff."

Walters-Harris was nominated for the Civil Service Recognition and Service Award for her positive attitude and prompt and reliable service to students in the department.

"Most of our master's-level students do not get to meet Jerrie in person, but all know who she is - -'the lady who always returns my e-mails,'" wrote nominator Donna McCaw, professor of educational leadership. "She is the only secretary I know who has received flowers from graduates - - because she went above and beyond in helping the student. She is consistent and pleasant, and willingly advises and supports new faculty and students. She really cares about our students and our department."

Employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service honored at the reception were:

40 Years
William Anderson, Political Science
Ralph Dirksen, Engineering Technology

35 Years
Frederick Adair, Landscape Maintenance; Kelly Grindstaff, Sheila Kirby, Marilyn Shelley, Malpass Library; Linda Waller, Financial Aid

30 Years
Richard Anderson, Biological Sciences; David Bainbridge, Landscape Maintenance; Georgia Cassidy, Financial Aid; Connie Corbin, Administrative Information Management Systems (AIMS);
Robert E. Johnson, Geology; Rosalyn Kalantari, Beu Health Center; Randall Lambert, Building Services; Charolette Megginson, Music; Steven Monger, Chemistry/Physics; Connie Pollock, Malpass Library;
Linda Robinson, Center for Best Practice in Early Childhood Education (CBPECE); Carol Skiles, Sociology & Anthropology; Valerie Smead, Psychology; Paula Stull, Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration (RPTA); Terry Wallick, Athletics

25 Years
Nancy Aleshire, Admissions; Stephen Axley, Management; Diny Burnell, Document & Publication Services (DPS);
Carolyn Chapman, Felix Chu, Malpass Library; George Cherveny, Mathematics; Nancy Crossman, Communication; William Cupples, Engineering Technology;
Kerry Ebbert, Building Services; Sharon Evans, Broadcasting; Judith Hardin, Viktor Kemper, Edward Parkinson, English;
Teresa Hare, Financial Aid; Emily Hauge, Building Maintenance; Cindy Humes, Business Services; J. Todd Louden, Public Safety; Maureen Marx, Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD);
Vicki Nicholson, Provost & Academic Vice President; Teresa North, University Technology Services; Sharon Nott, Theatre & Dance; Paul Paccione, Music; Mary Ruth Phillips, AIMS; Michael Romano, Biological Sciences; Verle Root, Mark Shepard, Phyllis Walters, Building Services;
John Schoonover, UHDS; Roland Smith, Laboratory Animal Care; Robert Toland, Building Maintenance; Ronald Ward, Business Services

20 Years
Lora Adcock, Peggy Roth, Malpass Library; Chandra Amaravadi, Jeri Harper, Information Management & Decision Sciences;
Cheryl Bailey, Communication; Katharine Barrett, Robert Joseph Cook, University Technology Services;
Tama Baldwin, Richard Clemons, Patricia Young, English; Robin Bauerly, Institute for Environmental Studies; Carol Birch, Jack Harn, Beu Health Center;
Laurie Black, Suzanne Litchfield, Registrar; Janet Bond, CBPECE; Janice Brewer, Art;
Sharon Butcher, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals (CPEP);
Peggy Calvert, Dale Thompson, Public Safety; Margaret Carle, College of Business and Technology (CBT); Richard Carter, Emma Thompson, Non-Traditional Programs; Rita Creger, Centennial Honors College;
James DiTulio, University Counseling Center; Joseph Dobson, Management;
Cindy Dooley, Donald Powers, Curriculum & Instruction (C&I); Judith Eckerly, Alumni; Samuel Edsall, Michael Murray, Broadcasting; Lynn Bainter, Charles Fritz, Terry Melvin, Jerry Parry, Larry Thurman, Building Services;
Jeffrey Herrick, Building Maintenance; Susan Huston, Sara Wood, AIMS; Steven Kaesdorf, Pamela Klopf, Center for International Studies; Judy Kling, Admissions; Gary Lafary, Landscape Maintenance
David Law, Building Mechanical Maintenance; Netkal Made Gowda, Lisa Wen, Chemistry;
Pearl Mary Magelitz, Biological Sciences; Cheryl McCulley, Human Resources;
William McFarland, Jeanette Thomas, WIU Quad Cities; Michael Ogle, Transportation Services; Phyllis Rippey, Political Science;
Beth Seaton, Sponsored Projects; Glen Solomonson, James Stegall, John Vana, Music; Helen Stroops, UHDS; Michael Taylor, Television Services;
Sara Thomas, Bookstore;
Linda Tribbey, Centennial Honors College; Michael Ulmer, Financial Aid; Marc Vawter, DPS; Thomas Williams, Geography;
Mei Yang, Mathematics

15 Years
Marjorie Allison, English; Jerry Baker, Susan Gray, University Technology Services;
Marisa Beard, Dean, COEHS; Carol Beekman, Linda Farr, Human Resources; Steven Bennett, Geology;
John Biernbaum, UHDS; Mark Boley, Physics; Rafe Breedlove, Heating Plant; Amy Buwick, Counseling Center;
Janis Carlson, Vice President for Administrative Services; Robert Coats, Building Mechanical Maintenance; Gina Colley, DPS; Nancy Colvin, Ann Lascelles, Beu Health Center; Betty Dean, DFMH;
Virginia Denny, Student Insurance Administration; Loran Erdmann, Laura Finch, Timothy Piper, Kinesiology;
Andrea Francis, Malpass Library;
Joyia Greuel, Registrar; H. Jon Jones, C&I; Peter Jorgensen, Communication; Ruth Kelly, Psychology; Gilbert Gade, John Lawyer, Patricia Fowler-Rouse, Cynthia Roon, George Thompson, Building Services;
Julie Mahoney, Art; Sharon Maroney, WIU Quad Cities; Jill Marshall, Sponsored Projects; Schuyler Meixner, Dean, CBT; James Olsen, Mathematics; Melanie Parmer, Student Legal Services;
Katharine Pawelko, Daniel Yoder, RPTA; Susanna Pendergast, Accountancy; Kathryn Pohlpeter, CSD; C. Louise Reynolds, COFAC; Richard Robeson, Bookstore; Roger Runquist, CITR; Darcie Shinberger, University Relations; Scott Smith, AIMS; Kathy Strange, CBPECE; Lori Sutton, IIRA

10 Years
Patricia Anderson, Sociology & Anthropology; Lawrence Andrew, Cecil Tarrant III, ISDS; Andrew Baker, Brent Heaton, Agriculture; Lori Baker-Sperry, Women's Studies; Denis Barnes, Barbara Thompson, Accounting Office;
Matthew Bierman, UHDS; Matthew Blankenship, Psychology; Dennis Bowman, LEJA; Timothy Carr, Thomas Hinton, Building Services;
Paul Carrigan, Kathleen Clauson, Katherine Nichols, Malpass Library;
Richard Chamberlain, Bruce McCormack, Daniel Romano, Carl Roberts, James Scrivener, University Technology Services;
Marie Cheak, Laverne Logan, Lois Retherford, James Woolley, WIU Quad Cities;
Sharon Chenoweth, Rajeev Sawhney, Management; Denise Edwards, Beu Health Center;
Ann Comerford, University Union Student Activities; Jodi Cook, Penny Rigg, Kathleen Zemke, English;
Toni Depoy, University Union Service Center; Sharon Faust, Educational/Public Service Radio;
Ritchie Gabbei, Kinesiology; Sandra Ginther, Heather Griswold, Connie Shugart, Carrie Woodside, CBPECE;
Mark Hendrickson, Jason Kaufman, Don Patterson, Susan Welsh, Athletics;
Neil Huston, Landscape Maintenance; Virginia Jelatis, History; Jenny Knavel, Kathleen Myers, Terry Rathje, Art; Edward Lavin, Building Mechanical Maintenance; Robert Lemley, Transportations;
Janet Marlette, Entrepreneurship & Technology;
Samuel Marlow Jr, Building Maintenance; Donna McCaw, Educational Leadership; Brenda McConnell, Larry Tingley, Non-Traditional Programs; Kimberly McDaniel, CIS; Shawn Meagher, Thomas Vogel, Biological Sciences;
Lisa Melz, Advising & Academic Support Center; John J. Miller, Communication; Moises Molina, Music;
Dana Moon, Ledith Whitehall, COEHS; Charles Morgan, Electronic Student Services; Lorette Oden, Pamela Terry, Health Sciences; E. Christine Parks, Registrar; Gerald Wayne Quesenberry, Admissions; Ted Renner, Physical Plant; Barbara Sandall, C&I; Cynthia Struthers, IIRA; Mary Thomas, DPS;
Richard A. Thurman, IDT; C. Jeffrey Tindall, RPTA; Anita Tingley, VPAS; Letisha Trepac, Human Resources; Pamela Rodeffer, Beu Health Center; Daniel Walter, Kinesiology; Dennis Wells, Physical Plant; Roger Zellers, Building Services; Karen Zellmann, Social Work.

L-r: Todd Louden, Police Corporal for Western's Office of Public Safety (OPS), and Shannon Cramer, research and instruction consultant for University Technology, received Community Service Awards.

L-r: Dana Biernbaum, assistant vice president for administrative services; Patty Battles, office manager, Centennial Honors College; Connie Creps, office support specialist, psychology department; and Jerrie Walters-Harris, chief clerk, educational leadership department, received WIU Recognition and Service Awards.

L-r: Ralph Dirksen, associate professor, engineering technology; and William Anderson, professor, political science, were recognized for 40 years of service to WIU.

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