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Letter to Campus Community

November 4, 2009

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Dear WIU Campus Community:

The state of Illinois is dealing with a major shortfall in its Fiscal Year 2010 budget. This is causing delays in reimbursements to universities and state agencies. Because of the delay in state reimbursements to Western, which is currently $26 million, all University offices are asked to limit spending to immediate operational needs only.

The vice presidents and I will continue to closely monitor expenditures, including hiring, travel and other purchases. We need to safeguard the University's remaining budget until we gain a clearer picture from the state for the remainder of this fiscal year and Fiscal Year 2011. Our primary goals continue to be to provide quality academic programs and educational resources to our students and retaining all of our employees. Please be assured the University will continue to meet its payroll obligation to employees, as well as pay essential bills.

Budget reductions and delays in state reimbursements are issues that this university, along with many other institutions and agencies across the state, has been facing for the past few years. Western's Fiscal Year 2010 general revenue budget is $59.9 million, the same level of funding as the University's Fiscal Year 2009 budget; however, we are faced with increasing costs and unfunded state mandates.

Please know that I appreciate all of the support during these difficult and uncertain budgetary times. We will continue to work with our legislators and others. Again, thanks so much for all of your understanding and cooperation.


Al Goldfarb

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