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Letter to Campus Community

January 5, 2010

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Dear WIU Campus Community:

As we've communicated in the past, there continues to be delays in state reimbursements to universities and state agencies. Western is currently waiting on reimbursements totaling $33 million. Due to this delay, all University offices should continue to limit spending to immediate operational needs only.

The vice presidents and I will continue to monitor closely all expenditures and continue to review all options regarding the conservation of funds; however, I want to stress that the University is not currently considering furloughs or a workforce reduction as cost-saving measures as these would require such significant reductions that the University would not be able to serve our students appropriately.

As we have stated in the past, our primary goals continue to be to provide quality academic programs and educational resources to our students and to retain all of our employees. To safeguard the University's remaining budget, we must spend our limited resources wisely. We will approve only essential positions for the remainder of the spring semester, and supervisors are asked to postpone all purchases unless an emergency exists. We will also pay only essential bills and review all requested payments to see whether they can be postponed. Travel-related expenses will require vice presidential approval. I ask each of you to assist in conserving costs by reducing energy consumption as much as possible. Please make the effort to shut off lights, computers, etc. Such small actions can result in significant savings.

We will review the Fiscal Year 2011 budget with all constituency groups when the Spring 2010 Semester is underway, and we will continue to work with legislators and others.

I appreciate your support during these difficult times. Thank you for your cooperation.


Al Goldfarb

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Office of University Relations