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FY'11 Budget Update

April 9, 2010

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Dear Campus Community:

As you may be aware, Western Illinois University's University Professionals of Illinois (UPI) WIU Chapter Executive Committee has reached a tentative agreement with the University. The contract is now being reviewed by UPI membership for a vote later this month. As part of the tentative contract, UPI has agreed to forgo a 3.5 percent pay raise for FY'11 due to the difficult budget situation forecast for the next fiscal year.

I greatly appreciate the UPI leadership's commitment to working through a new five-year contract and for recognizing the dire budget situation. Following a ratification vote, the contract will be forwarded to the WIU Board of Trustees for consideration at the June 4 meeting.

At the same time, I regret that the current economic situation and the budget situation necessitates that I inform the rest of the campus community that we will be unable to provide across-the-board pay increases in FY'11. While it is unfortunate we cannot provide an increase, this measure is a far more preferable option than furloughs or layoffs. The savings to the University total approximately $2.8 million. Please know that in the past years, all of our University employees have been fortunate to receive pay increases and that my hope is that the economy will turn around as soon as possible so that we can implement pay increases once again.

However, to limit the effect on those employees who are retiring in FY'11, the University will provide a 3.5 percent salary increase to those non-negotiated individuals who sign an irrevocable retirement agreement. While SURS will not include such an increase for non-negotiated employees when computing their final rate of earnings (FRE) prior to retirement, such funds could help employees either add funds to self-funded retirement accounts or be used to purchase previous years' credits. Employees in positions covered by collective bargaining agreements shall follow the specific terms of their respective contracts.

I appreciate your cooperation and understanding during these incredibly challenging economic times, and I am thankful for your commitment to Western Illinois University.


Al Goldfarb

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