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FY'13 Budget Update [July 6, 2012]

July 6, 2012

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July 6, 2012

Dear WIU Campus Community:

Due to a reduction of Western Illinois University's Fiscal Year 2013 state appropriation by $3.4 million, I'm asking that departments and divisions begin to plan for a reduced operating budget.

Our priorities continue to be to provide quality academic programs and services and to retain faculty and staff. In order to meet these priorities, I have asked each of the vice presidents to reduce their respective division's total budget by two percent for the upcoming fiscal year. Each vice president will meet with his/her respective division to determine appropriate reductions.

In addition, the cash flow situation remains critical. Western is currently waiting on FY'12 reimbursements from the State of Illinois totaling approximately $13 million. However, on June 29, the University received a $6.3 million payment from the State of Illinois for Fiscal Year 2012.

We will continue to limit spending for immediate and essential operational needs only, and all purchases more than $500 must be submitted for vice presidential approval. The University will continue to monitor the cash flow and budget situation.

I greatly appreciate your understanding, cooperation and support.


Jack Thomas

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Office of University Relations