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STD Induction SP18

  • President, Molly Cameron
  • Vice-President, Bryce Swain
  • Treasurer, Aubrey Foust
  • Secretary, Tess Tyler
  • Public Relations, n/a
  • Historian, Zoe Detlaf
  • Faculty Advisor, Dr. Timothy Helwig
  • Co-Advisor (Fall 2017, Spring 2018), Dr. Magdelyn Helwig

Thirteen new members were inducted into the honor society, and the outgoing officers were honored for their service. This year's inductees are:

  • Martin Beemsterboer
  • Courtney Bender
  • Jenna Brown
  • Demri Cameron
  • Janay Conley (2018-2019 New Treasurer)​
  • Cierra Davis
  • Kaylee Gundling
  • Apryl Moore(2018-2019 New Vice-President)
  • Serena Norris
  • Clare Possin
  • Paige Rohrback
  • Michelle Sierra
  • Desiree Steele​ (2018-2019 New President)​

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STD Induction Spring 2017

2017 Officers:
  • President, Haley Helgesen
  • Vice-President, Rebecca Gonner
  • Treasurer, Christopher Bell
  • Secretary, Anissa McClain
  • Public Relations, Arielle Henry
  • Historian, Rachel Troyer
  • Faculty Advisor, Tim Helwig

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 2016 members


Sigma Tau Delta 2013-2014 Induction Ceremony — with Michael Belman, Emma J McCreary, ET Vaughn, Kimberly Iowatdoesthismean Ackers, Stephanie Lauren, Andrew Reitnauer, Dan Kopping, Ken McEntee and Timothy Helwig at University Union.

STD Members 2014


New and Current Members  — with Timothy HelwigEmilyET VaughnThomas Edward BoydBrittany CooperMegan GroveKristen Sherie Stradt-JohnsonNeil FribergAllison Pooka and Kelsey Brakefield.

STD Induction Fall 2012

2012 members

Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, Spring Induction Ceremony, Home of Dr. Helwig — with Kelsey Brakefield, Ziyad Al-Mutairi, Timothy Helwig, Cody Boland, Megan Grove, Kristen Sherie Stradt-Johnson, Allison Pooka, Emillie Stark, James Black, Thomas Edward Boyd, Mike Davenport, Kathryn Brostowitz, Michelle Dumele and Abbie McKinney.


2011 members

Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society, Fall 2011 Induction Ceremony — with Topher Tackman, ET Vaughn, Heather Danielle Springer, Allison Pooka, Brittany Barrie, Kristen Stradt, Rachel Mies, James Black, Thomas Edward Boyd, Andrew Gerske, Megan Grove, Sam Larimer, Joanay Shepherd and Timothy Helwig.


2009 members

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