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Greetings!Niall Hartnett

Welcome to Psychology Advising. My name is Niall Hartnett and I am the Psychology Advisor at WIU. I was born in Ireland but I came to the United States after receiving a B.A. in Psychology at Trinity College Dublin and later earned an M.S. in Educational Psychology from Indiana University. I have been advising university students for about 15 years, almost 10 of those at WIU! When you get settled on campus I hope you take the time to come by and get to know me or when advice is needed!

You have chosen Psychology as your major. Although a fantastic field for many, you and I will continue to evaluate this choice as a good fit for you. Ultimately, decisions involving classes, majors and minors are yours to make. However, I will actively advise you about the requirements which are needed to satisfy completion of a B.S. in Psychology. Please study these requirements so we both know which areas you could concentrate on and which electives are good options for you. I will point out alternatives and we will discuss the likely consequences of each path. 


Sometimes you may drop in with a question when I am in the middle of another task or talking with someone. If I ask you to come back later, please don't think that talking to you is less important. It's just that I have to take one thing at a time and try to finish it before moving on to the next task. In that spirit, I will make sure that when I am meeting with you, I don't allow any interruptions including the phone.

Advising Appointments

To make an appointment for pre-registration or other concerns , you may schedule a time for us to meet (via Google Meet currently only) by clicking this link: Psychology Advising Calendar

I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you towards your future goal of graduation!

Niall Hartnett
Advising office: Morgan Hall 203F
Phone 309-298-2668     Email: