Department of Psychology

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Bachelor of Science - Psychology

How do we learn, think, and solve problems? Are depression and schizophrenia caused by biochemical imbalances or by stressful experiences? Why do some people act violently? How can we promote psychological health?

Psychology examines human behavior and experience in order to address these and other important questions. Few major areas of study are as broad and extensive as psychology. From the activity of brain cells to the interaction of individuals in groups, from emotions to memories, psychology attempts to understand the behaviors, experiences, and mental activities of humans.

Special Opportunities

As a major, you will have the opportunity to earn field experience credit for work in such agencies as community mental health or rehabilitation centers. Majors and minors can also earn credit for participation in HOTLINE, a student-run crisis intervention telephone service.

Besides assisting in research projects, students have opportunities for extensive contact with faculty through individual readings, undergraduate seminars, and departmental committee memberships. Advanced students have opportunities to present their research projects at student-oriented and professional conferences, and to apply for financial assistance in the form of research grants.

After College

Western’s graduates are employed in a variety of fields, including social services, residential developmental disability facilities, mental health and substance abuse facilities, management, human resources, marketing, sales, and education. If you plan further study, your psychology degree will prepare you for graduate programs in all branches of psychology. An undergraduate major in psychology also provides valuable preparation for professional schools of medicine and law.


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