Alumni Council

Made up of 25 alumni appointed to three-year terms and the president of the Student Alumni Association, this board meets on a quarterly basis at WIU. Members represent the interests of alumni and serve as liaisons to 25 University areas. The council assists in the recruitment of students, selects Alumni Award recipients, and was instrumental in establishing the Student Alumni Association.

NEXT MEETING: Saturday, January 23, 2016
Western Illinois University
Macomb, Illinois

2016 Alumni Council Meetings

  • Saturday, April 30

Jeff McElroy

A letter from the Alumni Council President

Greetings WIU Alumni and Friends,

For the past six years it has been my privilege to serve on the Alumni Council as one of 26 members representing over 130,000 alumni worldwide. I am now at the beginning of a two-year term as President of the Council. It is an honor to be selected to serve our alumni and University in this way.

Western has been a part of my life for many years. My favorite 7th and 8th grade art teacher, Betty  Post-Cutler ‘53, introduced me to Western. She shared her memories of classes, professors, friends and experiences with us. In my young mind, Western sounded far away and very exciting. It was because of Mrs. Cutler that I knew where I wanted to go to college. Thanks to that influential art teacher, when I came to Western in the Fall of 1966 I knew immediately that I was exactly where I should be and was ready to make my own memories. Mrs. Cutler was so committed to WIU that that she left a bequest of her estate to the College of Fine Arts and Communication’s Recital Hall and the lobby has been named in her memory

Shared memories can define a culture, and the culture at Western is unique. At the many WIU Alumni events offered throughout the year, we meet fellow alumni and friends for the first time or we reconnect after many years. Always during their conversations we hear, “Do you remember…?” It never matters if they graduated in the 1950’s or 2000’s, lived on campus or off, or participated in campus organizations or athletics. Everyone has shared memories of their years at Western.

So, as President, I have a challenge for you. During the next year, I hope you will attend an alumni event in your area, or come to homecoming (Oct. 3) and reconnect with Western. Share your memories of Western with others whenever the opportunity presents itself. Western prepared us for life. Continue to be an active part of Western’s unique culture. BE A LIFETIME LEATHERNECK!

My own challenge for this year is to meet as many alumni as I am possibly able. And, when we see each other at Western or elsewhere, I hope you will introduce yourself so we can share some of our great WIU memories.



Carol Lewis Scott ‘70

Alumni Council Members Sought

The WIU Alumni Association is looking for dedicated leaders of all ages, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, career fields, etc. to serve on the WIU Alumni Council. If you or someone you know is an active alumnus that would be a good candidate, please send the application form and resume to the Alumni Association at 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455 or fax (309)298-2914. The deadline is March 1. (You may save and email your form to only if your computer has Adobe Acrobat Professional, not Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Or, click here to print off and then fill out the application form.

2015 - 2016 Council Members

Alumni Council Featured Member

Dan Szajna 2000Dan Szajna

Degree: Bachelor of Science degree in law enforcement and justice administration from WIU; Certified Public Procurement Officer (CPPO) from the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC) issued in 2011

Business Information: Senior Contract Coordinator – Strategic Procurement at the University of Illinois in Urbana - Champaign

Advice for Freshmen: My advice to incoming freshmen and new transfer students is to attend as many orientation and new student programs as you can as soon as you arrive on campus. There you will meet many others in the same position as you, wanting to make new friends and try new things. You will find some of these people you meet will end up being lifelong friends.

I also recommend that you take a moment and reflect on where your college career begins. Think about where you are in life, where you're hoping to go and what you would like to accomplish. Keep these thoughts in mind as you progress through your years at Western. By focusing on your goals and continuing to reevaluate them you are more likely to achieve them. After graduation and once you have established yourself in your field, remember that the opportunities that were afforded to you at Western were in large part due to the support of alumni and friends of the university which you will eventually become a part of. 

Favorite WIU Memory:  It was very exciting to be on the campus during WIU's 100th anniversary. The history behind the institution and the sheer number of individuals educated at Western was really evident during the ceremonies, presentations and interactions I had during this time.

I also have to give an "honorable mention" to my memories of time spent with friends at Lake Argyle. Camping trips or camp fires roasting marshmallows were always a great time!

Family/Hobbies: I am married the love of my life, Rebecca and we have a daughter that was born December of 2014 (WIU class of 2036).  Rebecca and I both work at the University of Illinois. When not working, you will find us participating in our softball, kickball, or bowling league.  We also share a lot of our time with family and friends.