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Letter From President On Budget

March 6, 2003

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Dear Campus Community,

We recently received a letter from the Bureau of the Budget indicating that we will be expected to reserve about 4.8 million dollars of our operating budget. The Board of Higher Education is currently reviewing the specifics of this request for FY03 and FY04.

As you are aware, I had requested that all Vice Presidents hold 2 percent of this year’s budget in the event of a callback. We will now be using those funds to meet this year’s budgetary reserve. Once we have a clearer indication regarding the budget implications for this year and FY04, we will determine what specific cuts will be necessary to meet the final reserve amounts. I have asked the Vice Presidents to give me a detailed list of the impact of creating this reserve so that we can share with the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Bureau of the Budget and at our legislative budget hearings.

As for the FY04 budget, we are currently looking at our projected income from our proposed new tuition rate and increased student retention so that we can determine the impact of any reserve. I have asked all of the Vice Presidents to review possible impacts and strategies for reducing costs. Our goals will again be to maintain the integrity of the academic mission of our university and to protect our employees as much as possible. That is not to say budget reductions will be unnoticed.

Please know that we will provide information in a public and open process as the budget picture becomes clearer. We will be seeking input and assistance from all campus constituencies. I have asked to meet with the Executive Committees of all of our governance groups immediately following spring break to discuss the budget reserves.

Again, thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and support as we deal with these difficult budgetary times.


Alvin Goldfarb
Western Illinois University

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