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President Goldfarb Issues FY05 Budget Letter

June 28, 2004

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Dear Campus Community,

As I am sure you are aware, the legislature and the governor have not finalized the FY05 budget and that there are just a few days remaining in the current fiscal year. We are concerned that there is no clear resolution regarding the funding for higher education. We continue to monitor the situation and work with our legislators.

I have asked our Vice Presidents to review FY05 budget plans based on the varied information we have received. Once the FY05 budget is finalized we will analyze these recommendations and make decisions based on our three core principles: 1) protecting the instructional mission of the institution; 2) trying to avoid layoffs of current employees; and 3) meeting our 3.5 percent pay increases.

I have also been asked by the media and community members about Western's fiscal condition should there be no budget approved by the start of the new fiscal year. Should we not have a budget by July 1, we will be able to meet July payrolls. However, we will have to curtail most spending in order to maximize this income.

Therefore, should there be no budget decision by July 1, I am asking all employees to assist us in conserving costs by reducing energy consumption as much as possible. (Please make the effort to shut off lights, computers, non-centralized cooling systems, etc. Such small actions can result in significant savings.)

Also, we will limit all purchases to only essential items. I will be asking Purchasing to hold and review all purchase requests. I am asking supervisors to postpone all purchases unless an emergency exists (or if the purchase is made from non-appropriated funds). We will also pay only essential bills and review all requested payments to see whether they can be postponed. I ask all supervisors to not approve any travel (unless funded from non-appropriated sources or previously paid for). Finally, we will not approve any non-instructional hires after July 1 nor will we undertake any new non-instructional searches. This freeze will remain in effect until the budget has been approved after which each non-instructional position will again be reviewed case by case. (We will inform candidates who have been interviewed that we will resume issuing contracts for new positions only after the FY05 budget has been approved.)

Please know that we all hope that the governor and legislature will soon finalize an FY05 budget. Please also know that we will work diligently to protect our students and employees during these very difficult times. As always, thanks so much for your support and understanding.


Al Goldfarb, President

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