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FY '11 Cash Flow Update [11/9/10]

November 9, 2010

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Dear Campus Community:

I am writing to update everyone on this year's budget situation. Currently, Western is waiting on FY'11 reimbursements from the State of Illinois in the amount of $32 million ($25 million, payroll; $5.6 million, MAP grants; and $1.5 million, Illinois Veterans Grants).

The University will meet its December payroll; however, in order to continue to meet our payroll obligations, which are approximately $9 million per month, and to provide the necessary services to our students, we must, as we have for the past several months, continue to conserve as many resources as possible. As we have announced previously, all departments are required to limit spending to immediate operational needs only, and we will continue to monitor most travel in an effort to save money. We will continue to review all vacant positions in order to hold as many as possible open in order to conserve funds.

The vice presidents and I will continue to monitor closely all expenditures and continue to review all options regarding the conservation of funds; however, I want to stress that the University is not currently considering furloughs or a workforce reduction as cost-saving measures and we will meet payroll.

As we have stated in the past, our primary goals continue to be to provide quality academic programs and educational resources to our students and to retain all of our employees.

Thank you for your support and commitment to Western Illinois University.


Al Goldfarb

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