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Priority Snow Removal Routes

December 8, 2010

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MACOMB, IL -- Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ... because Western Illinois University is prepared.

Western's Physical Plant has set priority snow removal routes to keep WIU walks, lots and pathways clear for pedestrians. To reduce the effect of chemicals on the environment while also improving accessibility, an alternative deicer that has a sugar-beet base will again be used during the 2010-11 winter season, according to Tara Beal, superintendent of landscape maintenance.

"While some chemicals are still necessary in order to fully melt snow and ice, using the sugar-beet based deicer ensures the pavement is fully cleared for maximum access, while protecting the environment from the overuse of harsher snow removal chemicals," Beal explained.

In addition to the alternative deicer, the landscape maintenance department uses Bobcat Toolcats®, along with the department's John Deere tractors and Gators®, which allow groundsworkers to clear sidewalks and walkways in a fast, efficient manner, Beal added.

As in previous years, priority snow removal routes to improve accessibility on main campus pathways during inclement weather have been established. While Physical Plant staff will remove ice and snow from all campus walkways, designated areas will be cleared first. Priority routes are listed and a map is available at

Additional Physical Plant staff will be called as necessary to keep all campus routes, parking lots and streets clear and open to pedestrians and vehicles.

For more information on the priority snow removal route, contact Beal at (309) 298-1834, ext. 255 or For more information on campus accessibility, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access at 298-1977 or the Disability Resource Center at 298-2512.

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Office of University Relations