Office of the Registrar

Refunds & Withdrawals

Total University Withdrawal

It is the student's responsibility to initiate formal withdrawal procedures within the proper refund/credit dates to avoid charges. Students that advance register for classes and/or housing and do not anticipate returning to the University for the semester MUST complete the formal withdrawal process.

Prior to the first day of the semester, a student may completely withdraw from the University through STARS. On or after the first day of the semester, in order to completely withdraw from the University, students who are classified as full-time students must contact the Student Development Office at (309)298-1884 to withdraw from the University.

A student may withdraw during the first ten weeks of the regular spring and fall semester (or .6 of the length of the course). After the last day to withdraw, only students with exceptional and documented circumstances may appeal for late withdraw from the University.

Refunds and Credits

Refunds/credits are not prorated for the dropping of individual courses. Only a total university withdrawal for the semester may be eligible for a prorated refund/credit.