Office of the Registrar

Course Scheduling

Projected Course Offerings

The PRCO screen was created to assist in developing projected course offerings by allowing departments to easily identify the frequency of their course offerings and to update projected course offerings for up to six terms beyond the current term. PRCO also displays the number of students who have a specific course on their student degree plan for a given term.

The PRCO screen is divided into two main sections: Frequency and Projected Terms Offered. The Frequency section is sub-divided into Years and Terms. Under the Frequency Years column you are able to indicate if a course is usually offered during every year, even years, odd years, or varying years. Under the Frequency Terms column you are able to indicate if a course is usually offered every fall, spring and/or summer term. The Projected Terms Offered section allows you to identify the specific terms that a course will be offered; however, if the class schedule has already been built for a specific term, you will not be able to make changes to that term on PRCO. After the end of each semester, you will receive an email notification that it is time to review and update the projected course offerings for your department.

Building the Master Schedule

Departments build the schedule online using the Master Schedule File Start (MSFS) and Master Schedule File Build (MSFB) screens available through WIUP.  Courses are generated based on the information identified on PRCO and MSFS for the given term.   Macomb campus, WIU-Quad Cities, off-campus, video conference (CODEC), and online course information should be submitted together on the MSFB screen.

Classroom Scheduling

Classroom assignment reports are distributed to departments with the Master Schedule File Build screen instructions. 

General Usage Academic Classrooms

General usage academic classrooms are scheduled through the Office of the Registrar.  Your courses will be given first priority to use your assigned rooms when preparing the class schedule.  After the class schedule has been finalized, our office will assign other classes/activities into these room as needed.  Therefore, you must contact the Office of the Registrar to check on availability BEFORE using a room.

All Other Types of Classrooms

Departments are responsible for contacting the appropriate scheduling office for all other types of rooms.

Changes to the Official Class Schedule

Once the class schedule has been finalized, authorized users may submit changes to Macomb campus, online and off-campus courses via WIUP or MVS by using the following Master Schedule File screens:

  • MSFM - Master Schedule File Maintenance (MS-Word)
    Allows user to immediately update Action/Status(closed, canceled, hold), Maximum Enrollment, and Instructor WIU ID for a course.
  • MSFC -  Master Schedule File Change (MS-Word)
    Allows user to submit a request to change various course information such as days, times, location, special permission, footnotes, etc. Requests are submitted to the Registration staff and processed the next business day.
  • MSFA - Master Schedule File Add (MS-Word)
    Allows user to submit a request to add a new course section. Requests are submitted to the Registration staff and processed the next business day.

Changes to WIU-Quad Cities and all video conference (CODEC) courses must be emailed to