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Welcome WIU International Alumni!

We want to hear from you! Even though you have graduated your connection with Western Illinois University (WIU) does not have to end! One of the goals for the Center for Global Studies offices is to develop and sustain lifelong relationships with our students, alumni and friends. If you are a former international student, previous J-scholar, prior domestic study abroad student, or just someone interested in international education, we would like to hear from you. Please share your favorite memory of WIU, favorite class or cultural event, ideas and thoughts. Let us know what you have been doing since graduation!

We hope our international alumni will consider becoming an active alumnus or alumna of Western Illinois University! Please send an email to and update us of what you have been doing since graduation; update your WIU alumni information at the link below, and follow WIU and Global Education and Outreach on our social media channels.  

Giving Opportunities

We are working to strengthen the connections and collaborations between WIU and the rest of the world through a variety of giving opportunities. Giving opportunities to promote and enhance international engagement and connections at WIU are available in the following areas:

International Student Scholarships and Support

Expanding opportunities for WIU students is directly related to the support the University receives through its alumni and friends. Scholarships at Western Illinois University have opened many enriching and supportive avenues for students pursuing their college degrees. WIU is committed to increasing the number of international students attending WIU, which adds global diversity to our campus and enhances the campus community’s understanding of the world and its remarkable cultures.

Recruitment Opportunities 

When you return home after graduation don't forget to share your experiences at WIU with your family and friends and anyone else interested in where you attended college in the United States. If there is an EducationUSA office in your city please stop by and talk to the advisors and let them know about WIU! Our alums are our best recruiters! We appreciate you and the time you spent at Western Illinois University!

Multicultural Programming and Events

The Office of International Student Services offers a broad range of activities for WIU’s international community as well as the entire WIU community. These multicultural activities are designed to help international students engage with and learn from others, explore their own cultures, and enhance their global competency. 

Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships

Western Illinois University offers students a unique combination of opportunities to study abroad and gain international experience. Scholarships for study abroad exchanges and programs with international universities provide students with firsthand knowledge and understanding of other cultures and environments.

Questions? Contact our office to discuss your interest in giving to the university and the many different opportunities for giving available to you as an alumnus or alumna of Western Illinois University. 

Center for Global Studies
Phone: +1 309-298-1920