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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog

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A - K


Academic Appeal, Right of
Academic Calendar
Academic Colleges
Academic Guidelines and Policies
Academic Integrity Policy
Academic Workload
Accountancy - Integrated Program
Administrative Organization
Admission Application
Admission Requirements - Departmental
Admission to Candidacy
Affirmative Action/ADA Compliance
African American Studies
Alumni Association
Application for Admission
Application for Admission to Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program
Application for Completion of Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
Application for Graduate Assistantship
Application for Graduation
Application for Readmission
Applied Statistics and Decision Analytics
Applied Statistics and Decision Analytics - Integrated Program
Approval Form
Auditing Courses
Authorization Form - Intent and Authorization to Defend the Dissertation Research


Billing System
Bridge Courses for Integrated Degree Credit
Business Administration
Business Administration - Integrated Program
Business Analytics - Certificate Program
Business Law


Campus and Facilities
Campus Maps
Campus Recreation
Career Services
Catalog Use
Change of Grade
Chemistry - Integrated Program
Clinical/Community Mental Health
Clinics, Laboratories, and Special Facilities
College Student Personnel
Committee Approval Form
Committee Change Form
Communication - Integrated Program
Community and Economic Development
Community Development and Planning Certificate Program
Completion of Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program Form
Computer Science
Computer Science - Integrated Program
Computer Support Services
Continuous Enrollment
Cost Guarantee
Counseling Center
Credit Policy
Cultural Programs (see also Multicultural Services)
Curriculum and Instruction


Decision Sciences
Degree Candidacy
Degree Plan Form
Degree Plans
Departmental Admission Requirements
Design, Theatre
Directing, Theatre
Disability Resource Office
Dissertation - Intent and Authorization to Defend Dissertation Research
Dissertation Approval Form
Dissertation Committee Addition/Deletion/Change Form
Dissertation Committee Approval Form
Dissertation Process and Forms
Dissertation Proposal Form
Doctoral Degree
Document Policies


Early Childhood Education
Economics (now Quantitative Economics)
Economics - Integrated Program (now Quantitative Economics)
Education (See Counseling, Educational Studies, Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Reading, Special Education)
Education Specialist Degree
Educational and Human Services, College of
Educational Leadership
Educational Studies
Educational Studies - Integrated Program
Elementary Education  (now Curriculum and Instruction)
Engineering Technology Leadership
English as a Second Language
Enrollment Verification Form
Environmental Science: Large River Ecosystem
Environmental Studies, Institute of
Equal Opportunity and Access
Event Planning and Management Certificate Program
Exit Option Committee
Experimental Studies Program


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Fee Schedule
Fields of Study
Final Examinations
Financial Assistance
Flow Chart for Degree-Seeking Students
Flow Chart for Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Students
Foreign Languages and Literatures
Foundation and Development
Full-Time Student


General Experimental Psychology
Geography - Integrated Program

GIS Analysis Certificate Program
Go West Transit
Grade Appeal Form
Grade Appeals Policy
Grade Replacement
Grades, Change of
Graduate and Family Housing
Graduate Assistantship Application
Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Committee
Graduate Council
Graduate Courses for Undergraduate Credit
Graduate Degree Plan
Graduate Level Courses, Undergraduate Enroll in
Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT)
Graduate Record Exam (GRE)
Graduate School/University Mission
Graduate Student Cost Guarantee
Graduate Student Research and Professional Development Fund
Graduation (see degree requirements for specific programs of study)
Graduation Application Form
Guidelines and Policies - Academic


Health Insurance
Health Sciences
Health Services Administration Certificate Program
History - Integrated Program
Human Resource Management
Human Subjects, Research


Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs
Immunization Policy
Incomplete Grade Policy
Information Systems
Institute of Environmental Studies
Instructional Design and Technology
Instructional Design and Technology Certificate Programs
Instructional Design and Technology - Integrated Program
Integrated Bachelor's/Master's Degree Programs
Intent and Authorization to Defend the Dissertation Research
International Admissions
International Studies, Center for





L - Z


Laboratories, Clinics, and Special Facilities
Language Arts
Law Enforcement and Justice Administration (now Public Safety Administration)
Law Enforcement and Justice Administration Certificate Program
Law Enforcement and Justice Administration - Integrated Program
(now Public Safety Administration)
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Liberal Arts and Sciences - Integrated Program
Libraries, University
Literature and Language Arts


Master's Degree Student
Mathematics - Integrated Program

Medical Services
Minority Students, Special Opportunities
Mission, Graduate School
Multicultural Center
Multicultural Services (see also Cultural Programs)
Museum Studies
Museum Studies Certificate Program
Museum Studies - Integrated Program
Music Performance Certificate Program


Nondegree Students
Nondegree to Degree-seeking Form


Off-Campus Housing
Officers of the University
Operations Management
Oral English Proficiency Appeal
Oral Exams, Final
Overseas Study


Parking Services
Part-Time Employment
Part-Time Enrollment
Payment Plans
Petition Form (PDF) (Word)
Physics - Integrated Program
Police Executive Administration Certificate Program
Political Science
Political Science - Integrated Program
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Programs
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate - Application for Completion
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Programs - Application for Admission
Probationary Student
Programs of Study
Proposal Form - Dissertation
Psychology  - See also School Psychology and Clinical/Community Mental Health
Public Safety Office
Public Safety Administration
Public Safety Administration - Integrated Program


Quad Cities Campus


Readmission Application
Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration
Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration - Integrated Program
Re-Entry Admission Procedures
Refund Policy
Religious Observance Policy
Religious Studies
Repeatable Courses
Request to Change from Nondegree to Degree
Request to Reactivate Admission Application
Research and Professional Development Fund
Residence Halls
Residency Requirements
Retaking Failed Courses
Retaking Passed Courses
Revalidation of Courses
Right of Academic Appeal
Room and Board Rates


Satisfactory Progress Policy
School Psychology
Science Education
Second Baccalaureate Degree
Social Studies Education
Sociology - Integrated Program
Special Education
Special Facilities, Laboratories, and Clinics
Speech Pathology
Sport Management
Sport Management - Integrated Program
Student Judicial Programs
Student Legal Services
Student Responsibility
Student Right-To-Know
Student Union
Study Abroad
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management Certificate Program


Teacher Licensure
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate Program
Thesis/Dissertation Committees
Thesis/Dissertation Preparation
Time to Complete Degree
Transcripts, Admission
Transfer Credit
Trustees of the University


Undergraduate Enrollment, Graduate-level Courses
University Courses
University/Graduate School Mission
University Technology
University Union


Variable Credit Courses
Verification of Enrollment Form
Veterans' Resource Center


Western Illinois University-Quad Cities Campus
Withdrawal Policy
Women’s Studies
Writing Center


Zoo and Aquarium Studies Certificate Program


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