Office of the Registrar

Class Rosters and Counts

Class Rosters

  • Faculty and staff may view, download, and save class rosters from our website: View and Save Class Roster Data
  • Departments and instructors may view and print class rosters on-line through WIUP by using the "RSTR" screen: View Rosters on WIUP 
  • Class rosters are e-mailed to departments and faculty according to the following schedule:
Fall and Spring
    • week before classes begin
    • after registration ends on the 10th day (official roster)
    • week before classes begin
    • week before second 4-week classes begin
    • after the last drop date for second 4-week session (official roster)

Class Counts

  • Departments may view and print class counts on-line through WIUP using the "DEPT" screen: View Counts on WIUP
  • Printed class counts are generated once each term and are mailed to colleges and departments with the "official rosters" noted above.