Office of the Registrar


Registration and schedule changes may be processed through STARS.

Registration Information

What should I do first?

Sign on to STARS to find out your earliest date and time for registration. STARS will also inform you of any encumbrances or holds. All holds must be cleared prior to registration.


Before you can register, you must see your academic advisor. Most on-campus undergraduate students have an advisor hold on their record. Your advisor will help you plan your schedule and will remove the hold or give you a registration permit number so you can remove the hold yourself on STARS.


Most graduate students do not have an advisor hold. If you are in a degree program, you should see your academic advisor prior to registering.

When can I register?

Summer and Fall advance registration begins in March, and Spring advance registration begins in October. You may sign on to STARS to find out your earliest date and time to register. STARS will also display any encumbrances or holds you may have along with the office to contact for clearance.

What if I can't register at my assigned time?

You may register on or after your date and time. Don't forget that even if you are away from campus, you can still register online through STARS.

How do I register?

Sign in to STARS. In the menu at the top, select “Academic” and then “Registration - Add/Drop Courses”. Make sure to select the correct semester.

You can enter the STAR numbers of your courses in the boxes on the left, or use the “Course Search” button at the bottom to search for your classes.

How can I make changes to my schedule?

You may make schedule changes on STARS, but please consult with your academic advisor before making any significant changes to your schedule.

What if I need help?

Contact the Office of the Registrar at (309) 298-1891.

Date/Time Table

The following is a general summary of registration assignments for Spring 2024 advance registration:

  • Graduates: March 18, 19, 20
  • Seniors: March 20, 21, 22, 25
  • Juniors: March 25, 26
  • Sophomores: March 26, 27, 28
  • Freshmen: March 28, 29

Open registration begins April 1 for new and returning students.

Advisor holds have been placed on all undergraduate student records.

Registration assignment reports and permit numbers will be available on the Registrar's website (ECom username and password are required).

Students will be able to view their Summer/Fall 2024 advance registration appointment on the STARS Instruction screen beginning February 3 and on the STARS Registration screen beginning February 1. The Summer/Fall 2024 class schedules will be available on Course Search on February 1.

Special Permissions

For any course requiring special permission, the student must contact the person indicated in the course listing to secure permission to enroll. A department representative will enter the permission online. The student can then register for the course on STARS.

During restricted registration, the student must first get written permission from the instructor and second from the department chairperson. If permission is granted by both, a department representative will enter the permission online. The student can then register for the course on STARS.

Registration Holds

There are many types of holds (also called “encumbrances”) that may prevent you from being able to register for classes. The most common holds are:

  • Billing & Receivables hold: Contact the Billing & Receivables Office to find out more about your hold. The current registration threshold is $1,000. This means that your past due balance must be below $1,000 before you will be able to register.
  • Advisor hold: Make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor. Once you have met with them to discuss your classes, they will remove the hold.
  • Immunization hold: Contact Beu’s Immunization Office and provide proof of immunization to have this hold removed.
  • Registrar’s hold: Contact the Registrar’s Office for more information. The hold frequently means that we need an official transcript from your previous school.
  • Other holds: Visit your Registration Add/Drop page on STARS to find out more information about your holds. All hold messages include information on who to contact to resolve the issue.

Enrollment Options

Registration enrollment options should be approved by your academic adviser. You may change registration options through STARS.

To change option
  • A = Audit grading option for undergraduate course
  • P = Pass/fail grading option for undergraduate course
  • (blank) = 400-level course for undergraduate credit only (STARS will automatically register an undergraduate with this option)
  • G = 400-level course taken for graduate credit only (STARS will automatically register a graduate student with this option)
  • X = Graduate course taken for audit grading option
To remove an option
  • (blank) = remove option
Automated retake options are:
  • R = Retaking previously passed undergraduate course
  • K = Retaking previously passed undergraduate course pass/fail
  • Z = Retaking previously passed graduate course