Office of the Registrar

Final Exam Schedule

Macomb - Spring and Fall

Classes Meeting T, TH, or T TH only
Begins Exam
8am Tuesday, 8am
9 or 9:30am Thursday, 8am
10am Tuesday, 10am
11am Thursday, 10am
12 or 12:30pm Tuesday, 1pm
1pm Thursday, 1pm
2pm Tuesday, 3pm
3 or 3:30pm Thursday, 3pm
4pm Friday, 10am
Tuesday Evening Tuesday, 6pm
Thursday Evening Thursday, 6pm

All Other Classes
Begins Exam
8am Monday, 8am
9am Wednesday, 8am
10am Monday, 10am
11am Wednesday, 10am
12 noon Monday, 1pm
1pm Wednesday, 1pm
2pm Monday, 3pm
3pm Wednesday, 3pm
4pm Friday, 8am
Monday Evening Monday, 6pm
Wednesday Evening Wednesday, 6pm
Friday Evening Friday, 6pm
  1. Exam dates refer to the exam week  (Monday - Friday).
  2. Each exam period is 1 hour and 50 minutes.
  3. The period 8-9:50pm on M,T,W,Th is reserved for Common Finals or Conflicts.
  4. Math Common Finals are offered T,W at 6pm. Conflicts with evening courses will be resolved with the Math Department.

Macomb - Summer final exams are scheduled on the last day of class.

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