Office of the Registrar

WARD Reports


Western's Audit of Requirements for Degrees (WARD) is an automated record reflecting a student's academic progress toward degree completion in their declared major. By considering your WIU coursework, transfer courses, and courses in progress, this analysis provides timely information on a student's progress toward meeting degree requirements. Students may view their WARD report through STARS.

As described in the Undergraduate Catalog, a degree is awarded by satisfactorily completing the individual components in the areas of: general education, major, and minor. The WARD report details this overall degree criteria by itemizing the individual components. The requirement areas - general education, major, and minor - are further broken down into specific pieces known as sub-groups or sub-requirements. Each sub-group is independent and must be satisfactorily completed. The overall fulfillment of the requirement is dependent upon the total completion of all sub-groups therein contained. Conversely, the requirement will not be satisfied if any individual sub-group is deficient. Additional criteria may or may not be required at the requirement level (i.e., total hours, grade point average).

How to get a WARD report

A student may request their degree audit from their advisor, on the STARS system or on a "walk-in" basis from the Office of the Registrar. A picture identification card must be presented to obtain a copy. Once a degree is awarded, the degree audit is no longer produced.

Does this replace advising?

This report is not designed to eliminate the advising function. It should, however, encourage student contact with an advisor for further academic and career counseling. The WARD Report will help a student determine whether or not a course is applicable to a specific program. It should also eliminate the need for many petitions by providing information on problem areas at an earlier date. Advisors can help resolve any problem areas. Some majors still require choosing a series of courses in consultation with an academic advisor, which in turn can be added to the audit to further individualize a student's program.

Description of the degree audit

Each Degree Audit is a specific degree program. Each column contains "blocks" known as requirements surrounded by double lines. Contained within the requirement are the sub-groups which are usually numbered sequentially. 

Header Information 

Header information contained at the top of the WARD Report (above the broken horizontal line) includes information from the student's academic record: name, graduation date (if applicable), major, and catalog year.

Requirement Block

Surrounded by double lines, each requirement is unique unto itself. In addition to requirements seeking specific course/hour completion, there are informational requirements such as the "Legend." Some requirements are conditional in nature and only appear if and when it applies. An example is, "Non-comprehensive majors require either a minor or a second major."

The first block indicates the status of the report which contains one of the following statements:


Next are the general graduation requirements. This requirement reports total hours earned, overall GPA, residency hours, upper division hour requirement, senior institution hour requirement, and senior residency requirement. In addition, special messages may also appear. Following are general education, major, and minor requirements.


At the end of the WARD report is a legend which explains the various symbols contained in the report.

Reporting an Error

If the error involves a missing substitution or waiver, please ask your advisor to send that substitution or waiver to the Office of the Registrar.

If the error involves a discrepancy in the requirement listed in your catalog, and a requirement listed in your audit, please review the discrepancy with your advisor. If your advisor determines that the discrepancy is legitimate, your advisor will inform the Office of the Registrar.

Transfer work

Only transfer work that has been officially evaluated will appear on the audit.

Incomplete Grades

Courses with incomplete ('I') grades are not included in satisfying any requirement until a successful grade is reported.

Transmittal to a Third Party

The WARD Report is an internal document used for advising. It is not an official certification of your academic record or graduation; therefore, it is unlawful to transmit this document to a third party.