University Union

Union Policies and Procedures

About Building Policies

Below is a listing of policies and procedures for proper use of the University Union and we appreciate you taking time to review them in full. Inability to follow all University Union Policies and Procedures may result in loss of facility privileges.

Download a complete listing of all Union Policies and Procedures manual

Western Illinois University is a smoke-free campus.

Questions about facility use or any of these policies may be directed to Scheduling and Event Services staff at (309) 298-2421 or

After Hour Functions

After hours social functions held in the University Union require:
  • Completed Scheduling Form on Purple Post 30 days in advance of the event
  • Organizational advisor (for recognized student organizations) must be in attendance throughout the event
  • One building supervisor in attendance at overtime wages – to be paid by sponsoring organization
  • Additional security for event as determined by the Office of Public Safety based on review of Scheduling Form - to be paid by sponsoring organization
  • Pre-event meeting prior to event including representatives from the sponsoring organization, Office of Public Safety, Concert Safety Corps, and the University Union

Final approval left to the discretion of Union Administration.

Animals in the Student Union

Service Dogs:

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act a service dogs are defined as, "Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities," and are allowed to be anywhere the general public has access.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA):

Emotional Support Animals, by their presence, provide support for emotional or psychological symptoms associated with their handlers condition or disorder. ESA's are not legally protected to be in public buildings, and are not permitted in the University Union.

WIU's official mascot, Colonel Rock:

Colonel Rock is the only animal allowed in the University Union, in addition to service dogs.


To schedule regular practices in the B-Room, fill out a Scheduling Form. Please note that submitting a request does not guarantee your space.

All dance practices must be scheduled in the B-Room. Dance practices in all other rooms of the Union (lounge spaces included) are prohibited and will not be scheduled. The B-Room is an as-is room – no special setup requests will be taken.

Registered student organizations are limited to no more than two (2) dance practices per week with each individual dance practice lasting no longer than three (3) hours. Organizations are limited to four (4) total hours of practice time per week. Additional dance practice time can be requested one week in advance. Pending availability of the B-Room - additional practice time is limited to an additional three (3)hours per week.

A "NO SHOW" is designated by failure of the organization to be present 15 minutes after the scheduled time of the dance practice/rehearsal.

A no-show charge of $20.00 per dance practice/rehearsal will be assessed if a group does not use the room reserved and does not cancel the reservation in advance. Organizations who receive three "No Show Fees" within an academic semester will not be permitted to hold any dance practices for the rest of that academic semester.

The organization and/or its officers shall be held financially responsible for any damage resulting to the building or equipment as a result of maliciousness and/or negligence on the part of any officer of the organization or participant.

Extraordinary clean-up requirements as determined by the Union Staff will result in additional labor charge. Any damage to the room and/or its contents will be charged to the organization. Taping on the floor and use of confetti and/or glitter is prohibited.

**Dance and modeling practices in lounge spaces and hallways of the Union are prohibited

Chalk Writing

Writing with chalk to advertise events of campus-wide interest is permitted under the following conditions:

Chalking is limited to registered student organizations and University divisions, departments, and offices that are conducting University business. The only exception to this policy is the advertising of events (generally charitable in nature) that are sponsored by not-for-profit organizations or agencies within the community of Macomb.

Campaigning or personal dialogs/opinions, promotions of alcohol events including "all U" parties and profanity, obscenity, and the promotion of illegal acts are NOT permitted.

We recommend including the sponsor of an event, date, time, and location of the event to be included in chalking. Each organization/office is responsible for removing the chalk as soon as possible after the event takes place (if weather does not remove the chalk) as a courtesy to other groups.

No Chalking Areas:
  • Walls
  • Trash Cans
  • Buildings
  • Steps
  • Bricks
  • All other vertical surfaces not listed
  • Under overhangs at building entrances or within 10 feet of any entrance to the building

Groups will be charged for clean up if chalking occurs in prohibited areas, advertises something other than a campus-wide event, or is not removed within a reasonable time frame after the event occurs.

Changes and Cancellations

Any organization that does not cancel a reserved space in the University Union prior to the time of the reservation will receive a $20 no show fee.

A cancellation penalty may be charged if your reservation for a room requiring special setup and/or food service is not canceled at least 72 HOURS PRIOR TO THE EVENT and/or too late for another group to plan and schedule an event in the space reserved.

Late Cancellations:

Cancellations for the Grand Ballroom, Heritage Room, and the Lamoine Room within two (2) weeks of the scheduled event will result in a $50 surcharge to the sponsoring organization.

Concourse Tables

To reserve a concourse table, fill out a University Union Scheduling Form

Usage Policies:
  • Table usage by on-campus registered student organizations and University agencies may be scheduled for a maximum of three days in one week.
  • Table usage by non-university related, outside vendors is limited to three days per month. Only one outside vendor will be scheduled per day.
  • Solicitation in front of the tables is prohibited.
  • Registered student organizations selling tickets, merchandise, or collecting monies must have prior approval through Scheduling and Event Services. UUB and SGA are exempt from rental fees.
  • The sale of food or any edible material must have prior approval of Scheduling and Event Services and any food, beverage, or candy items to be sold in the Concourse must be purchased from University Food Services or be pre-packaged from an approved vendor.
  • New or prospective student organizations are permitted the use of one table in the concourse for one three-day period, providing the purpose is to solicit membership.
  • For anyone charging an entry fee to an event, collecting donations or selling a product (event tickets, products, etc) in the University Union, the organization, faculty, or staff will be charged $10.
  • No table rental will be assessed to any University department or registered student organization distributing material promoting the organization.
Table Rental fees:
  • A $10 per day per table charge will be assessed to registered student organizations soliciting donations, selling or taking orders for a product or merchandise (raffles included), or selling tickets to a specific program.
  • Outside vendors using the space in the concourse to promote/advertise a product or service will be assessed $75 per day.
  • Outside vendors selling a product or service (including accepting applications for products or services) are required to pay space rental only - $125.00 per day in advance.
  • All products, services, and giveaway items (including coupons) must be reviewed and approved in Scheduling and Event Services prior to the use of the concourse table.

Credit card solicitation is not allowed on the WIU campus.

Designated Schedulers

Student organizations who wish to schedule rooms in the University Union must do so through a new Designated Scheduler process.

Organizations will appoint up to four (4) Designated Schedulers, who will be the only members of their organization who can schedule rooms on behalf of that organization. Each Designated Scheduler must be approved by the organization’s President and complete a University Union policy training, which will become available when they are appointed to a Designated Scheduler position on Purple Post. A single person can be a Designated Scheduler for up to three (3) organizations. Once a Designated Scheduler has completed the training, their answers will be reviewed by a University Union staff member.

All trainings are subject to University Union approval, and may be reopened if the Designated Scheduler did not demonstrate comprehension of University Union policies or answered questions in a way that caused concern. A list of Designated Schedulers will be maintained by University Union staff. Please allow 2 business days for new Designated Scheduler trainings to be reviewed.

If an organization wishes to remove a Designated Scheduler, the organization’s president should contact the Scheduling and Event Services at 309-298-2421.

Equipment Usage

All non-University entities to use the University Union’s AV equipment, pianos, podiums, etc. must pay a fee as follows:

Equipment Non-WIU Rate
Piano/ electric $20.00
DI Box $20.00
Microphone $20.00
Projector - Video/ PP (Sandburg Theatre/Heritage Room) $50.00
AV Media Cart (Includes projector, speaker, microphone, DVD player, and iPod hookup capabilities) $75.00
Capitol Room Cabinet Use Fee $75.00
Sound System (suitcase) $50.00
Podium (with or without microphone) $20.00

Event Decor

Decorations shall not include highly flammable substances such as excelsior straw or quantities of paper napkins, cleaning tissues, or any type of paper that is not flame proofed. Gasoline or any other highly flammable liquids or gasses may not be brought in without special arrangements. The use of glitter and confetti for decoration is prohibited in the Union.

The only adhesive agent that may be used on walls and pillars throughout the building is masking tape. Use of nails, tacks, staples, scotch tape, duct tape, and other such devices are prohibited in the University Union.

Special arrangements for hanging banners, lights, etc., in any facility in the Union must be arranged with Scheduling and Event Services at least seven (7) days prior to the event. If extra janitorial and/or other services (electrician, carpenter, etc.) are needed, there may be an additional charge.

Electrical outlets should not be overloaded during any event. Requests for additional electricity should be made to Scheduling and Event Services at least one (1) week prior to scheduled event.

All decorations and/or displays are to be removed immediately following the event or as arranged with Scheduling and Event Services. If not removed immediately, they will be discarded. A service charge will be assessed by the University Union if decorations and props are not removed by the designated time.


Room rental charges for use of space in the University Union will be incurred depending upon the nature of the event and identity of sponsoring groups.

Registered student organizations and University departments are not charged for space for meetings or events that involve the public, WIU students, faculty, and staff unless admission or participant fees (including donations) are charged or the event has non-WIU sponsorship. Registered student organizations will be charged the WIU rate for space rental for events where admission or participant fees (including donations) are charged or the event has a specific sponsorship.

Other registered student organizations may qualify for a fee waiver in the event they submit a Policy Exemption Request Form to the Union Advisory Board at least three weeks prior to the event.

Off-campus individuals/organizations will be charged the non-WIU rate for space rental for all events scheduled in the University Union.

Multi-Purpose Rooms WIU Non-WIU
Grand Ballroom $200 $300
Heritage Room $150 $200
Capitol Rooms $75 $100
Cardinal/Oak $25 $40
Fox Room $25 $40
Lamoine Room $200 $200
Lincoln Room $50 $75
Sandburg Theatre $50 $75
Sandburg Lounge $30 $50
Conference Rooms
Algonquin Room* $15 $25
Board Room* $25 $40
Chicago Room* $15 $25
DuSable Room $15 $25
Conference Lobby -- $20
Brattain Lounge** $50 $50

* Includes flat screen TV compatible for presentation (includes laptop connection)
** Special permission is required to reserve lounge space for an event

Food, Beverages, and Catering

All food and beverages for events in the University Union must be provided by Sodexo Campus Services unless an exemption is granted for the event. Please see the section below regarding Food Service Exemptions below for details.

Setup and menu arrangements must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance.

There is no charge for cancellations made at least 72 hours in advance. Cancellations within 72 hours may be subject to a charge according to the nature of the event. Confirmation of final number attending food service events must be given 72 hours in advance.

For all external (non-University) events:

A deposit equal to twenty-five (25%) percent of the estimated food charges is required at the time menu choices are finalized or at least two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event.

  • All meals are subject to sales tax unless the organization is tax-exempt
  • All bookings will require a University account number
  • Payment of the deposit is to be made to Scheduling and Event Services and may be paid by cash, check or credit card
  • Failure to pay the deposit by the due date could result in the event being canceled
  • The deposit will be retained by WIU for any events canceled less than two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event
  • The deposit will be applied to the final charges and an invoice will be sent following the event.
Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless approval has been given in accordance with the "Policy and Regulations for the Sale and Provision of Alcoholic Beverages on Western Illinois University Property." All inquiries should be directed to Scheduling & Event Services. All sales of alcoholic beverages upon Western Illinois University property are to be scheduled, managed, and supervised by staff of the University Union. Please see the Union Policy Manual for the complete Alcohol Policy.

Food Service Exemption

Western Illinois University has an exclusive contract with Sodexo Campus Services for the production and service of all food and beverage items in the University Union. We realize that there may be occasions where alternative food service arrangements are warranted based upon the nature of the event and that the catering services provided by Sodexo Campus Services are not deemed appropriate.

Registered Student Organizations, departments, and outside groups may bring prepared food into the University Union for consumption in private meeting spaces only for events/meetings not exceeding 20 people, unless otherwise approved by University Union Administration. Please note that off-site catering companies or deliveries will not be permitted inside the University Union. Food deliveries from any off-site establishment must be coordinated and picked up outside of the Union building.

In the case that you would like to bring in food for your meeting, with the intention of distributing to others, you must notify Scheduling & Event Services staff at the time of reservation. You will be directed to fill out the Food Service Exemption Form. It's important to note that anytime there is a plan to provide food or drink in the University Union and Sodexo Catering will not be involved, this form is required to be completed and approved. Your request will not be considered approved until you receive email confirmation of such. Failure to receive proper approvals could result in the loss of future scheduling privileges and charges.

Examples of events where food service exemptions will be granted:

SMALL office/organization meetings where less than 20 people are expected, where the event is considered "private" or internal, and where there is no charge to anyone in attendance for consumption of food or drink.

If your department or organization is granted a food service exemption, please follow the policies below:
  • Food items which require refrigeration or heating to ensure food quality must be ordered through Sodexo Campus Services Catering.
  • The group must provide their own utensils and paper goods when bringing in food/beverages.
  • Food items are not allowed to be handed out in common areas or hallways without prior approval from University Union Staff.
  • When a registered student organization, department, or outside group reserves space with Scheduling & Event Services, they must indicate if they plan to provide food. If individuals or groups decide to bring in food after they initially reserve space, they must notify Scheduling & Event Services at least 2 business days in advance. Failure to do so could result in the loss of future space booking privileges and charges.
  • Left over food, food wrappers or empty containers must be disposed of by the reserving group. Groups may be charged a cleaning fee if University Union meeting/event space is left unclean after use.

Free Speech

As a public institution, all of Western Illinois University is a "free speech area," including and especially the University Union. Any demonstrations are permitted on University premises as long as they do not disrupt the academic experience or threaten the safety of students and staff.

If you are planning a protest or demonstration, it is helpful for Scheduling and Event Services and the Office of Public Safety staff to be aware of it ahead of time to account for the safety of students involved with and surrounding the protest. If a registered student organization or WIU campus department wishes to do a flash mob within the University Union, it must be scheduled through Scheduling and Event Services so the Union staff is aware of the event.

General Room Usage Guidelines

With proper scheduling of your activity, everything you need will be ready for your use. In order to prevent immediate or accumulated damage or depreciation to the Union, please adhere to the following:

  • ONLY masking tape is to be used on painted or paneled walls and is only to be used in the rooms that have been rented. Velcro can be used from the Grand Ballroom's soffit.
  • NO nails, thumb tacks, staples or other devices are to be used.
  • The Grand Pianos are never to be placed on the stages.
  • Nothing may be attached to the velvet draperies in the Heritage or Grand Ballroom.
  • Electrical outlets should not be overloaded.
  • ALL display materials and/or decorations must be of non-flammable nature.
  • NO furniture arrangement or items displayed on the walls are to be moved.
  • Special arrangements for hanging banners, lights, etc., in any facility in the Union must be arranged with Scheduling & Event Services at least seven (7) days prior to the event.
  • No glitter, confetti, or similar decorations are to be used.
  • No candles or others flammable items are allowed in the building unless they are purchased by Sodexo Campus Services or approved by Scheduling & Event Services.

Movie & Copyright

On a number of occasions, different departments and organizations on campus wish to show a film as part of a class or as a program. However, when we show movies on campus, there are a number of laws people are unaware of that we must follow.

Even though in many instances, we are not charging people to see these films, we are still obligated to make sure that we have secured and paid for the proper licenses to show movies on campus. If we do not, we may be putting both ourselves and the University at risk.

To help educate the University community on those laws, we would like to share with you the following frequently asked questions about public performance rights.

What are Public Performance Rights?
Public Performance Rights are the legal rights held by distributors or producers over the showing of a film outside of one's home. The rights-holder can grant others the temporary right to show the film by selling them or granting them a Public Performance License.
When do I need to obtain a Public Performance License?
Any time a film is shown outside a person's personal home, the screening is considered "public". It does not matter if admission is charged or if the entity screening the film is a non-profit organization, school, or library.
If the film is being shown outside the home, it is considered "public".
What about the "Teaching Exemption"?
The Copyright Act allows films to be screened in face-to-face teaching situations, defined by specific criteria. To be eligible for the teaching exemption, the screening is limited to students who are enrolled in a class in which the film is a part of systematic mediated instructional activities, the instructor is present, and the screening is an integral part of the classroom session. Playing films for the department,for honors students, or as a "film series" or lecture series does not qualify for the teaching exemption, but requires a Public Performance License.
I bought a tape or DVD from the distributor for my school or library. Does it include Public Performance Rights?
Most tapes are sold without Public Performance Rights, but some tapes or DVDs are sold with limited Public Performance Rights. They may enable you to play the tape for its lifetime in public screenings on your campus. However, you may not copy the tape or lend the tape to other institutions or organizations, or charge admission for the screenings you hold with that tape. These rules may vary, so check carefully with the distributor when purchasing.
How can I obtain a Public Performance License for my screening?
Performance licenses can be obtained by ordering movies through a reputable film company. The price the company charges will include the performance license. One of the companies that we use frequently is SWANK Motion Pictures, Inc. but there are several other movie distribution companies that can be used. Below is a list of their phone numbers and websites:
Swank Motion Pictures 800-876-5577
Criterion Pictures 800-890-9494
New Yorker Films 212-645-4600
If you are interested in ordering a movie, you can contact one of the companies directly by using the above contact information or if you need additional assistance, you can contact the Office of Student Engagement at 309-298-3232.
Isn't it cheaper to just rent a movie from a video store or to stream one from a service (Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc)?
Renting or purchasing a movie from a film company is more expensive than renting, buying or streaming a video. On average, the cost to rent or buy a movie from a movie company can be anywhere from $400-$700 depending on the movie, the number of showings, etc. However, when you rent, buy, or stream a video, you are not buying the rights to show it in a public setting. You cannot stream a video in a public format.
All streaming services are currently licensed for personal use only. Which means no public showings allowed without permission from the broadcaster.
All copyrighted material must be either in public domain or have a single use license from a company like Swank or Criterion.
Netflix does allow for some educational screenings of their original documentaries within some strict but reasonable parameters. You can't charge admission or use it as a fundraiser, you need to stream from a subscriber's account, and you cannot advertise/imply a sponsorship or collaboration with Netflix for your event. Info on that can be found here:
Can I have an event and show a sporting event on television?
Live Television events including Sports can be viewed in public for free, no license required. Recast of live sporting events need a license or letter of consent from broadcaster. The caveat is no money can be exchanged for viewing. Meaning no charging for entering the event.

Non-WIU events

Persons/organizations not associated with the University, and not covered by other existing policies, who want to schedule an event in the University Union that will provide personal profit to persons or organizations may be permitted if:

  • The proposed use is under sponsorship, or at the invitation of, an organization associated with the institution or is determined to be consistent with the University Union's mission.
  • The proposed use will not interfere with or detract from the mission of the University Union, or the use of the facilities by organizations associated with the institution.
  • The University Union has appropriate facilities available for the proposed use.
  • The person/organization seeking to use the facilities has complied with applicable University Union procedures.
  • Persons/organizations using the University Union facilities may be required to pay rental charges for use of the facilities and will be required to comply with insurance requirements.
Use of Union Facilities by Junior High and High School Students:

The University Union is a facility for University students, faculty, staff, alumni and their guests. As such, it serves as the central location of most student activities and other class programs. The building and its services are also available to those individuals and groups that have been invited or scheduled by the University and/or University Union.

An adult must accompany any child, 13-years or younger, at all times while in the University Union. Should any child, 13-years or younger, NOT be accompanied by an adult, they will be asked to leave and/or a call will be made to the parents by University Union personnel.

Insurance Requirements for Non-University Events:

Persons/organizations not associated with the University shall provide liability insurance for itself and all of its participants with limits of not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit for each person/occurrence for bodily injury and/or property.

To comply with insurance requirements, persons/organizations not associated with the University shall either:

Provide to the University a certificate of insurance including the WIU Board of Trustees and Western Illinois University as an additional insured for no less than $1,000,000 combined limits


Purchase coverage for the event through the Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy. The Tenants and Users Liability Insurance Policy, which provides affordable General Liability insurance, is available to tenants, users and renters of Western Illinois University facilities. Protection is provided against negligent acts for which the group or organization may be held responsible for property damage or bodily injury. Western Illinois University is named as an additional insured. The cost of the coverage is a per-day charge based on the type of event and number of people attending the event. Non-University groups may contact the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services, Sherman Hall 200, or phone (309)298-1800.

Posting and Distribution of Materials

Bulletin Boards/Posting Printed Materials:

Printed materials to be posted on the University Union bulletin boards must be approved in the Office of Student Engagement and adhere to the following specifications:

  • Printed materials can only be posted on designated bulletin boards in the Union.
  • Printed materials CANNOT be posted on any walls, windows, doors, sidewalks, etc., or on any other University equipment.
  • All printed materials must identify the issuing person(s) or organization(s).
  • Any printed materials posted without the Office of Student Engagement approval stamp or on any prohibited surface will be removed and destroyed immediately.
Distribution and posting of the following materials is prohibited:
  • Material that is either libelous, or, under current legal standards, obscene.
  • Material that is likely to incite or produce imminent lawless action.

Alleged violations of this policy should be reported to the Office of Student Engagement for a determination of whether or not a violation is occurring. Upon a determination that a violation is occurring, the person(s) responsible shall be informed that the violation and/or activity must cease.

Promotional Opportunities (Banners, Table Tents)

  • All scheduling of banners in the Union Concourse shall be coordinated by Scheduling and Event Services on the basis of first come, first served. Banner area may be scheduled before banner approval from OSA has been granted.
  • All registered organizations must be currently recognized by the Office of Student Engagement. All banners must first be cleared through the Office of Student Engagement and have a stamp of approval from that office prior to hanging. If banner is not approved, the scheduled area must be cancelled through Scheduling and Event Services.
  • There are a total of five banner areas in the University Union. The west wall of the SE entrance of the University Union will be divided into two (2) banner areas. The east wall of the Concourse will be divided into three banner areas. Banner(s) must be made of paper or other lightweight material. Banners must be horizontal, each no greater than 8-feet in length by 3-feet in height. One group may not schedule more than one banner area at one time.
  • The hanging time of a banner shall be limited to ten business days. The hanging placement of a banner shall be handled by Union Operations Staff. Banner spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. Requests for specific placements will not be taken.
  • Banners must be delivered to Scheduling and Event Services before 12:00 p.m. on the scheduled date, but no more than 3 business days prior to the scheduled date. Scheduling and Event Services staff will attach Velcro to the sign so it can be attached to the banner display area.
  • Banners will be hung by the Union Operations staff beginning at 12 noon on the scheduled date. Organizations must periodically check banners to avoid any problems during the display period.
  • If an event/program date is displayed on the banner, the Union Operations staff will remove the banner once that date has passed. All other banners will be removed on the final schedule day by 12 noon. Only banners marked "save" will be kept in Scheduling and Event Services until 4:30 p.m. on the Monday following the last scheduled date, at which time the banner will be disposed of.

Banners shall be used by Registered Student Organizations, University departments, and University constituency groups for informative means and/or related media for major campus events.

The Office of Student Engagement staff will determine if the quality of the banner meets the policy standards of the University Union and/or Office of Student Engagement and reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of any items for display. If there is a conflict over this decision, a final decision will be made by the Director of Student Engagement.


All scheduling of table tent inserts in the University Union shall be coordinated by Scheduling and Event Services on a first come, first serve basis. A total of two table tent inserts will be allowed to be scheduled consecutively in the Food Court and Murray St. Café areas. One side of the table tent insert is limited to programming taking place in the University Union. The remaining side will be reserved for programming taking place elsewhere on the WIU campus or for registered student organization or departmental recruitment efforts. All table tent inserts must be promoting programming taking place on the WIU campus.

  • Table tent reservations will be limited to seven days – weekends included and will be scheduled Monday-Sunday.
  • One registered student organization or department may not schedule more than one table tent at one time.
  • Registered student organizations or departments may reserve a table tent insert up to four times in a semester with no more than two reservations per month (either a sponsorship or co-sponsorship).
  • All table tent inserts must be approved by Scheduling & Event Services staff for content and size.
  • Approved table tent inserts must be on a one-sided flat sheet that is 8" ½ x 5" ½ in size.

A "No Show Fee" of $20 will be charged to the sponsoring organization if the scheduled table tent is not submitted to Scheduling and Event Services by the end of the workday the Friday prior to the reservation. Organizations who receive two "No Show Fees" for failure to submit table tents by the specified deadline within an academic year will not be permitted to schedule any more table tents within that academic year.

Violations of this policy may result in the withdrawal of permission to post materials in the University Union in the future.

Room Rental and Scheduling Guidelines

Scheduling of all University Union facilities is done through University Union Scheduling and Event Services.

In general, the University Union schedules programs on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Registered student/faculty organizations
  • Colleges, divisions, and departments of the University
  • Conferences and workshops of a learning nature involving both on-campus and off-campus groups
  • Any individual or group, whichever is appropriate, which has legal sanction to operate in the State of Illinois

A request made does not guarantee a space, even if available at the time of the request. Groups or individuals should not make arrangements to do any advertising of the event until a confirmation copy of a reservation is received from University Union Scheduling and Event Services.

Co-sponsor room rental policy: If UUB, SGA, BCA or BSA co-sponsor an event that charges admission or participant fees (including donations), no rent will be charged if the profits from the event are deposited into a CSAF account (other than for UUB, SGA, BCA or BSA). If the group co-sponsoring with UUB, SGA, BCA, or BSA is not a CSAF-funded organization, then room rental will be assessed. It will also be necessary for UUB, SGA, BCA or BSA to be actively involved in the co-sponsored events, and all advertising must list all organizations sponsoring the event.

The Grand Ballroom, Heritage Room, and Lamoine Room are priority locations for special events – weekly meeting requests are not permitted in these rooms, unless space is available in one of these locations one week in advance of the meeting.

Any event that is co-sponsored must be booked in the name of both groups and both sponsors must be in good standing – at the time of booking and at the time of the event.

The person/organization scheduling the use of the facility shall be held financially responsible for any damage resulting to the building or equipment as a result of maliciousness and/or negligence on the part of any participant.


Any event held in the University Union that is not considered a weekly meeting, is open to the public, and/or held in the University Union Plaza must complete a Scheduling Form.

The security needs for any event held in the University Union will be determined by Union Administration. All security charges will be charged back to the sponsoring organization.

Service Requests

Service requests, such as outdoor electricity and equipment deliveries for events, are coordinated and approved through the University Union.

Only in cases of emergency should a phone call in lieu of a service request be made to Facilities Management. If an emergency occurs which necessitates a phone call to Facilities Management (or Office of Public Safety should the emergency occur during the evening or on a weekend), this should be reported to the Union Administrative Office as soon as possible.


Solicitation from outside vendors is strictly prohibited in the University Union.

Type of Events

University Events:

Any department, division or registered student/faculty group of the University.

Non-University Events:

Any group or individual not affiliated with the University.

Special Events:

These events are larger in size, open to the public and are typically held in the Grand Ballroom, Heritage Room, Lamoine room or in the University Union Plaza. If planning a special event, organizations must complete a Scheduling Form.

Weekly Meetings:

Weekly meetings can be made for both the Fall and Spring semesters beginning on April 15th (or the closest business day) of the previous school year, unless the meeting is listed on the Priority Meeting list. Registered student organizations are limited to no more than two (2) meeting rooms per week with a four (4) hour time limit for routine weekly activities with each individual meeting lasting no longer than three (3) hours. To reserve a space for a weekly meeting, an organization must complete a Scheduling Form.

Union Hotel Information

The University Union Hotel functions as a full-service overnight facility in meeting the needs of the University community.


Check-in time is 4:00 p.m. or later.

Guests arriving after 8:00 p.m. must go to the Office of Public Safety in Mowbray Hall to register and pick up their keys


Checkout time is 11:00 a.m., unless prior permission has been secured. Failure to observe this will result in the occupant being billed for another day.

A credit card number or departmental account number is required when making a reservation

The University Union Hotel Cancellation Policy:

A guest must notify the Union Service Center by 6:00 p.m. on the day of arrival or their credit card/department will be charged. There are certain weekends (Family Weekend, Homecoming Weekend, Dads’ Weekend, Moms’ Weekend, and Commencement Weekends) which are the exception to this policy and require cancellation at least 24 hours in advance or the credit card/department account will be charged.

Holds on Rooms:

Multiple rooms held by groups, departments or individuals must be confirmed or canceled at least 14 days in advance. An account number, credit card number or prepayment will be required for all holds on rooms. Failure to cancel at least 14 days in advance will result in the group, department or individual being charged unless rooms can be resold. Any group, department or individuals confirming multiple rooms must provide the Service Center Supervisor with a list of names of all occupants at least one week prior to the date requested.


All guests must be registered. A complete address must be listed for each individual who occupies a room or any part thereof. Identification may be requested if necessary. A false registration is a misdemeanor, punishable under the Illinois statutes.


All conferences will be arranged through the Conference Coordinator and/or Scheduling and Event Services. Hotel reservations for conference groups will be made with the Service Center Supervisor.

Weekly Meetings

Weekly meetings can be made for both the Fall and Spring semesters beginning on April 15th (or the closest business day) of the previous school year, unless the meeting is listed on the Priority Meeting list. Registered student organizations are limited to no more than two (2) meeting rooms per week with a four (4) hour time limit for routine weekly activities with each individual meeting lasting no longer than three (3) hours. To reserve a space for a weekly meeting, an organization must complete a Scheduling Form.