Veterans & Military Personnel

Military Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Military Advisory Committee is:

  • to advocate on behalf of military service students
  • to quickly respond to military service student issues; and,
  • to create strategic plans for enhancing the experience of military service students

Since 2018, this group has met monthly to work on issues ranging from credit articulation, benefits, and admissions-related issues to sending care packages to deployed soldiers and helping address any classroom practices that may be negatively impacting military service students. In addition, the committee is charged with working with the Veteran Resource Center, Student Affairs, Alumni, Foundation, Provost Office, and community organizations to coordinate an annual Military Appreciation Week.

Committee Members: 

  • Walter McGath, Chair of Military Advisory Committee, Beu Health Center
  • John Smith, Vice President for Student Success
  • Mark Mossman, Associate Provost & Associate VP, Academic Affairs 
  • Amy Spelman, Director, Alumni Relations
  • Ronald Pettigrew, Program Director, Veteran Resource Center 
  • Samantha Klingler, Director, Student Development and Success Center 
  • Curtis Williams, Director, Student Services Quad Cities Campus 
  • Justin Schuch, Executive Director, Retention Initiatives 
  • Lawrence Pickett, Recruiting Operations Officer, ROTC 
  • Joani Wilson, Deputy Director, Registrar 
  • Erin Fischer, Accountant, Billing and Receivables
  • Jeremy Robinett, Associate Professor, RPTA