Vice President for Student Success


The Division of Student Success provides services and support to enhance the university's academic mission. The Student Success team will accomplish this by creating a clear path from prospective students to alumni that is committed to student access and support, connection and engagement, and overall health and wellness. A functional organization chart can be found here.

Access and Support

Our focus on student access and support relates directly to our recruitment and retention efforts. The following units help shape our new student enrollment efforts and focus on recruitment and support for traditional and post-traditional student populations.

Connection and Engagement

Students who are connected to our campus and communities perform, persist, and find success at higher rates than those who do not. The following units are focused on enhancing student engagement and connection across campus.

Health and Wellness

Overall student health and wellness is at the forefront of our minds as the following units are committed to health education, wrap-around support services, and our overall efforts to enhance student wellness.