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MBA Concentration Options

Concentration courses and electives allow students to develop a specialization in a field of their choice. These concentrations provide MBA students with maximum flexibility and the ability to pursue specific professional goals.

Select 3 courses from any list. This list is not a guarantee of course availability in any specific location at a specific time. This is a guide based on the past few semesters of course offerings. All students must consult with an MBA advisor prior to registration.

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Available: Macomb and Online

  • ACCT 457G, Fraud Examination
  • ACCT 471G, Advanced Federal Taxation
  • ACCT 537, Issues in International Accounting
  • ACCT 580, Advanced Auditing
  • or any other 400G or 500 with permission of MBA advisor

Agriculture Business

Available: Macomb

  • AGEC 442G, Marketing Grain and Livestock Products
  • AGEC 443G, Agricultural Finance
  • AGEC 447G, Commodities Markets and Futures Trading
  • AGEC 457G, Market Profile

Business Analytics

Available: Macomb and Online

  • DS 435G, Applied Data Mining
  • DS 490G, Statistical Software/Data Mngt.
  • DS 521, Data Visualization
  • DS 535, Advanced Data Mining
  • DS 580, Business Analytics/Forecasting

Corporate Security

Available: Macomb (Available to LEJA Integrated students only.)

  • LEJA 509, (can substitute other if 509 not offered)
  • DS 535, Advanced Data Mining
  • ACCT 457G, Fraud Examination


Available: Macomb and Online

  • Any 400G (excluding 408G) with permission of MBA advisor including
  • ECON 420G Economic Develoment, ECON 445G Game Theory, and
  • ECON 440G Labor Economics, ECON 465G Energy Economics, and
  • ECON 470G International Trade
  • Any 500 (excluding 509) with permission of MBA advisor


Available: Macomb

  • FIN 555, Investment Management
  • FIN 575, Advanced Portfolio Management
  • FIN 585, International Financial Management

Information Systems

Available: Macomb

  • IS 541, Designing the User Experience
  • IS 562, Information Systems Implementations
  • IS 543, Information Systems Management
  • IS 567, Information Technologies in Supply Chain

International Business

Available: Macomb

  • ACCT 537, Issues in International Accounting
  • ECON 470G, International Trade
  • FIN 585, International Financial Management


Available: Macomb and Online

  • MGT 474G, Small Business Management
  • * MGT 481G, Management/Society: Ethics/Social Responsibility
  • ** MGT 483G, Managing Organizations/Environmental Sustainability
  • ** MGT 520, Organization Behavior/Leadership
  • ** HRM 532, Seminar in Human Resource Management

Supply Chain Management

Available: Macomb and Online

  • * SCM 457G, Project Management
  • * SCM 465G, Supply Chain Risk Management
  • SCM 529, Worldwide Logistics/E-Commerce
  • ** SCM 531, Supply Chain Management
  • * SCM 539, Transportation/Warehouse Management
  • * SCM 549, Strategic Procurement/Sourcing

* Classes available online
** Classes available online and in the hybrid format