Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Bob Mann

Bob Mann, Associate Professor

Specializing in Mathematics Education


Ph. D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln
M.S.T., University of Missouri, Columbia
B.A., University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Contact Information

Office: Morgan Hall 211A
Phone: (309) 298-2037

Courses Taught

  • Educ 439: Teaching & Assessment in Secondary School Mathematics
  • Math 260: Numeric, Algebraic, and Geometric Reasoning for Teaching and Learning
  • Math 304: Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Reading in Secondary School Mathematics
  • Math 402: Investigations in School Geometry
  • Math 406: Problem-Solving and the History of Mathematics
  • Math 407: Number Theory Concepts in School Mathematics
  • Math 439: Teaching and Assessment in Secondary Mathematics
  • Math 505: The Teaching of Mathematics in Middle Grades and Junior High
  • Math 607: Practicum in Mathematics Education
  • Stat 171: General Elementary Statistics

Research Interests

Research: My research has been connected to standards in mathematics, student achievement and understanding in mathematics at the K-12 level, and the college-readiness of students as they transition from secondary to post-secondary work in mathematics.

I have also published many articles related to problem-solving tasks and activities to use in the K-12 classroom to promote mathematical learning, and have presented many talks and workshops about engaging and enlightening students with interesting and thought-provoking mathematics.

I am a past-President of the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM), a member of the leadership team of a state-wide multi-million dollar STEM grant, and a former chair of the editorial board of the NCTM journal Teaching Children Mathematics.