Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

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Mathematics Minors

The Undergraduate Catalog provides more details about each minor and the requirements, including a full list of courses offered by the department.

Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics minor encourages students majoring in computer science, economics or decision science, accounting or finance, to expand and deepen their knowledge in applied mathematics. In addition to the common calculus and statistics core students are able to select courses in linear algebra, discrete mathematics, modeling, financial mathematics, nonparametric statistics, and many more.

The Applied Mathematics Minor has a total of 18-19 hours.


The Department of Mathematics and Philosophy offers Minor in Mathematics that requires a student to take a sequence of two calculus courses, and an additional 9 credit hours of approved mathematics electives with at least 6 of the hours of upper division courses. Interested students can choose from Calculus III, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Logic and Sets, Mathematical Modeling, Probability and Statistics, and more.

The Mathematics Minor has a total of 17 hours.

Middle Level Mathematics Teaching

In conjunction with the major in Middle Level Education the Department of Mathematics and Philosophy offers Minor in Middle Level Mathematics Teaching. Students in the major, seeking Mathematics Endorsement Emphasis, will benefit from mathematics and statistics content courses as well as pedagogical preparation.

A minor in Middle Level Mathematics Teaching pairs well with students majoring in physics, chemistry and biology, computer science, engineering, mechanical engineering, and engineering technology, accounting, economics, broadcasting, and law enforcement and justice administration.

The Middle Level Mathematics Teaching Minor has a total of 24 hours.