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College Student Personnel: Student Affairs track (Macomb)

This full-time enrollment option serves the educational and logistical needs of soon-to-be or recently graduated undergraduate students like you who are excited about learning more about student affairs and are interested in getting a variety of hands-on experiences in the field.

CSP: Student Affairs Track
  • The full-time option (also known as CSP: Student Affairs) is designed for recent college graduates whose student affairs experiences have primarily been built while being an undergraduate student.
  • This is a 42-credit, high-residency, full-time graduate school option based on the WIU-Macomb campus.
  • The curriculum meets CAS standards, the most comprehensive and rigorous graduate preparation program standards within higher education.
  • This track provides classroom and professional experiences needed to enter and advance in the field of student affairs.
  • A theory-to-practice model means that you have a space and place to apply your classroom learning facilitated through your full-time assistantship and practicum experiences – required components of the this track.
  • Assistantships, practicums, and summer internship opportunities provide you up to five hands-on training experiences and 1,500 hours of on-the-job training during your two years in the program.
  • In small cohorts of 13-20 students, you and your colleagues will learn, work, and support each other as students and student affair professionals.
  • The CSP program was established in 1970 and has graduated nearly 1,000 alumni! We have a 100% post-graduation placement rating.
  • As the culminating experience for the CSP program, you will create a portfolio that is representative of your knowledge, growth, and professional development throughout your graduate school experience.
  • Click here for the application timeline and process.

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