Office of the Registrar

Undergraduate Graduation Application

  • Web Version (to submit online - emails to your academic advisor upon submission)
  • Print PDF Version (you will need to send this form to your academic advisor)
  • REVISED PDF Version (Use only if directed by your Academic Advisor or the Registrar's Office)

These forms are not for students in the B.A. General Studies program or those who are earning a master's degree.

Please contact if you have any questions.

This Graduation Application should be completed and approved by your academic advisor and then filed in the Office of the Registrar during the second semester of the Junior year.

An updated WARD Report will be emailed to you upon receipt of the graduation application. Please refer to your WARD Report for deficiencies.

Change of name on diploma or change of address to where the diploma is to be mailed should be sent to
Name changes or address changes routinely reported to the Office of the Registrar do not change the graduation application.

Change of major/minor or graduation date made after submission of the application must be reported immediately to the Office of the Registrar by editing and resubmitting the application. The confirmation email you received when you initially sent in your application should include an "edit submission" link.

Alumni Registration: Students are required to complete the Alumni Registration Form found in the Alumni drop down menu on STARS. If you have difficulty completing the Alumni Registration Form, please contact Alumni Programs at 309-298-1914.

Graduation with Honors: ALL undergraduate students, including transfer students, MUST earn at least sixty (60) semester hours of letter-graded coursework (including S/U) at Western Illinois University to be eligible for graduation with honors. Please note that transfer credits may negatively impact the awarding of academic distinction upon graduation.

Commencement Ceremonies: The appropriate section must be checked for attendance and location of Commencement Ceremony. (Macomb or Quad Cities) Students attending the Commencement Ceremonies will be required to purchase a cap and gown from the University Union Bookstore.
Students whose last term of registration is Spring or Summer are invited to attend one of the May ceremonies. Students whose last term of registration is Fall are expected to attend the December ceremony or may choose to attend a later ceremony. 

You will find information on the Commencement Ceremony at the Commencement website.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Students must clear all financial and administrative encumbrances (ie. library fines, security violations, etc.) before degree transcripts and diploma will be mailed.