Graduate Housing Eligibility, Application & Processes

Graduate Housing consists of the Westbrook House. The Westbrook House is a community of approximately 30 graduate and non-traditional undergraduate students. Located adjacent to campus, the Westbrook House is equipped with a large kitchen and dining room, computer lab, and laundry facilities, and a common room with a pool table. The Westbrook House offers single or double rooms, furnished or unfurnished. Westbrook House students are not required to purchase a meal plan.


Graduate Housing is eligible only to the following WIU students:

  • Single graduate students
  • Married Students or Students with Domestic Partners
  • Graduate Students
  • Non-Traditional Undergraduate Students (24-years-old at the beginning of semester)

How to Apply

You can complete a housing application online and pay the $50.00 application fee with a valid credit or debit card. You will need to select Graduate Housing as the "Type of Residence(s) Applying for". If you would instead like a paper application in order to pay by check or money order, please contact University Housing & Dining Services at (309) 298-2461 or uhds@wiu.edu for one in an alternative format.

Online Housing Application 

Check-In Process.

  1. The STUDENT contacts the Graduate Housing Office (in person or by phone) to complete the lease. After a lease is complete, the STUDENT must contact the Graduate Housing Office to arrange a check-in time with housing staff.  Move-in hours are arranged according to the manager's schedules. Exceptions or any changes must be arranged by contacting the Graduate Housing Office at (309) 298-3331.
  2. TThe STUDENT arrives per scheduled day and time and at the Westbrook House. Manager will meet the resident for check-in.
  3. The MANAGER and STUDENT checks the resident into the room, issues key(s), fills out the Room Condition Report with the resident, and answers any immediate questions (takes approx. 20 minutes). The STUDENT signs a Check-in Inspection Form, agreeing to the status and condition of the room. If the room needs any cleaning, the Manager should be informed so the custodian can be contacted.
  4. The STUDENT later notifies the Graduate Housing Office through the UHDS Website or a Manager of any needed repairs or service requests not detected at check-in time.

Check-Out Process

  1. One month before your Check Out: Come to the Graduate Housing Office in Seal Hall and fill out an Intent to Vacate form. On this form you will list your reasons for vacating, and choose a Date/Time for your checkout. (To be verified with the manager's schedule.) The date and time can be changed once by calling Seal Hall (309-298-3331) with a week's notice. A fee will be assessed if you need to change the date/time more than once.
  2. One Week Before Check Out: This is the deadline for changing your checkout date/time. If you are unable to checkout at the assigned date and time, you may be assessed a fee and/or loss of deposit. If you think you will not be able to checkout at the assigned time, contact Seal Hall or your manager immediately. At this time you should also make sure you have filled out change of address forms with the Post Office to ensure you continue to receive all of your mail.
  3. Day of the Check Out: At the scheduled time of the checkout, a manager will come to your room with your check out paperwork. He or she will give the room a complete check over to make sure the room is in the same condition as it was when you checked in, and if it is not, to assess fees for damages. Once the manager is finished with this, you will sign your completed Room Condition Report form, give all sets of keys to the room to the manager, and vacate the room. You will not be able to re-enter the room after this time.
  4. Three - Six Weeks After Check Out: Expect your deposit to be returned (if applicable), along with any refunds for rent, to be sent to you in a check, or if you are still a student, to be credited to your student account.

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