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Residence Hall Staff

Full-time, part-time and student staff lives in each of our residence halls so they can advise, assist and support our students.  

The Resident Assistant (RA) living in your community is a student who has been selected for the position because of his or her leadership skills, concern for others, ability to communicate, knowledge of University resources, and willingness to accept responsibility. RAs receive extensive training and are your primary source for information and assistance during the school year.

The Assistant Complex Director (ACD) is a graduate student working toward a master’s degree lives in the hall. ACDs may advise student government, supervise the information desk staff, coordinate building repairs, supervise RAs, and coordinate activities in the halls. ACDs are responsible for the operation of the hall in the Complex Director’s absence.

Residence Hall Clerk is available in every residence hall or residence hall complex. She/he is a full-time civil service staff member available to provide administrative services during regular working hours: 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The Residence Hall Clerk assists with the replacement of lost room keys, room change requests, and the processing of maintenance and repair requests.

The Complex Director (CD) is responsible for the overall operation of the hall. The CD is a full-time professional with considerable experience in residence hall work. Each CD has a master’s degree in the counseling or the college student personnel field. The CD is responsible for and supervises all other staff members in the residence hall. She/he is responsible for seeing that the residence hall is a supportive environment for all students.

Residence hall staff are on-call seven days a week when the residence halls are occupied. RA staff on-call will make rounds, check public areas, enforce University policies, and assist with building security. If you need assistance outside of regular business hours, contact your 24-hour information desk.  In addition to the on-call RA staff, Western works closely with a myriad of campus offices in our overall operation.  Maintenance staff is available on an as-needed basis determined by the hall-staff.