Getting Involved.

Involvement and leadership opportunities are a vital part of the college experience and set students apart from one another when leaving Western Illinois University. Studies have shown students who are involved in different types of leadership activities are more likely to succeed and persist in college. Involvement in leadership activities is also important for students looking at job or graduate work after graduation as employers and graduate schools often weigh leadership experiences as part of the application process.

Most importantly, however, leadership development will help students hone skills and develop relationships which will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Everyone has the capacity to lead, and University Housing and Dining Services has a plethora of opportunities for students to become involved and learn valuable leadership skills.

Hall Governments

Each community offers residents opportunities to get involved and develop their leadership skills in Hall Government. Residents can become floor representatives or serve in elected positions leading their entire community in programmatic and policy development. Involvement in Hall Government provides residents with skills in advocating for their peers, building programs, and connecting with other students, staff, and faculty from around campus. All students living on campus are welcome to becoming involved with Hall Government. For more information on becoming involved with Hall Government, contact uhds@wiu.edu.

Student Employment

University Housing and Dining Services also provides leadership opportunities to residents via a number of student employment positions. Resident Assistants (RAs), Desk Assistants (DAs), and Summer Assistants (SAs) are given a great amount of responsibility which enhances their leadership skills, while helping pay for college.

Inter-Hall Council (IHC)

Inter-Hall Council is comprised of representatives from every community on campus at Western Illinois University. IHC is a student organization serving as the governing body and large scale programming source for students living in the residence halls. IHC goal is to represent the views and concerns of all students living in the halls, as well as provide event development for students. All students living on campus are welcome to get involved with IHC. For more information on becoming involved with Inter-Hall Council, contact ihc@wiu.edu.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

The National Residence Hall Honorary is a student organization comprised of the top student leaders living on campus. Residents involved with NRHH focus on recognition and service through a number of initiatives and events throughout the year. Interested students must apply and be accepted for membership. For more information about NRHH, contact nrhh@wiu.edu.


University Housing and Dining Services offer several educational and social programs and activities residents participate in throughout the year. These events are designed to offer our residents the chance to get to know one another, to increase awareness and education, get involved in their communities, and to take a much needed break from studying. Each community on campus produces a large scale capstone program where the entire community comes together for implementation. Programs of all sizes and topics are sponsored by hall staff members and Hall Governments within each community.

Stay up-to-date with all events and learn more about IHC, NRHH, and other campus organizations on PurplePost.