CLASS (Community of Liberal Arts and Sciences Students)

Are you a poet, a filmmaker, a philosopher, a writer? A lover of language? Do you want to make history? Do you want your education to become an opportunity to transform yourself and the world, to read the great books, and perhaps write one yourself some day? CLASS, the Community of Liberal Arts and Sciences Students, is designed to help students explore the great diversity found in human thought and cultural perspectives. In this community you will meet world-renowned poets, novelists, linguists, historians, scholars, and philosophers. You will find mentors and fellowship and engage in life-changing conversations with faculty and students in your major and other disciplines.

Eligibility: Any First-Year Student interested in exploring diversity in human thought and cultural perspectives

Location: Lincoln Hall

For more information, contact:

Tawnya Adkins Covert at TJ-Adkinscovert@wiu.edu