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Public safety is at the heart of every community. Students choosing to live within this environment have a chance to connect, share interests, succeed academically, and enhance the future communities they serve. With innovative technology, programs, and chances to interact with faculty and their peers across the public safety careers, this community provides lifelong friendships, direct academic support, and mentorship.


LEJA majors, upper-division and freshmen with the following:

Program Offerings:
  • Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Fire Protection Services: (Fire Administration, Fire Medic, Fire Science, options)
  • Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
  • Minor in Corrections
  • Minor in Criminalistics
  • Minor in Emergency Management
  • Minor in Emergency Management—Operational
  • Minor in Emergency Management—Tactical
  • Minor in Fire Administration:
  • Minor in Fire Science:
  • Minor in Homeland Security:
  • Minor in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration:
  • Minor in Legal Studies:
  • Minor in Security Administration:
  • Minor in Paramedic


Thompson Hall

For more information, contact:

Dr. Jill Myers at JJ-Myers@wiu.edu