Office of Student Engagement

Virtual Mental Health

We know that there is a great deal of uncertainty and that this can cause anxiety. Here are some online resources from the University Counseling Center (UCC) that may be helpful:

Students: If you need additional support before you return to campus, the SAMHSA website may help you locate services in your area:

Make sure to visit Western Illinois University Counseling Center Facebook page to stay up to date on WIU Kinder. Mondays and Take care Tuesday. 


Follow the links to listen 

  1. Terrible, Thanks for Asking
  1. Your Anxiety Toolkit

  2. The Happiness Lab

  3. Therapy for Black Girls

  4. Mental Illness Happy Hour

  5. The Dark Place

UCC Podcast ListMental Health Apps

Follow the Links to download the apps.

1. Calm Harm

2. Clear Fear

3. Cleveland Clinic Wellness 

4. Happify

5. PTSD Coach

6. What's up?

7. Youper

8. GG-OC



Information adapted from WIU University Counseling Center (source: