Accounting & Finance

Master of Accountancy - (M.A.c.c.)

The Master of Accountancy degree, offered at WIU's Macomb campus, is designed as:

  • A one-year program for candidates with accounting degrees from accredited institutions; or
  • A two-year program for candidates whose business degree is not in accounting; or
  • An approximately three-year program for those candidates who do not possess degrees in business disciplines (to provide time to complete all background courses and graduate course requirements); or
  • A five-year integrated, undergraduate & graduate degree.

Each prospective Master of Accountancy candidate is required to complete a graduate program of study, subject to approval by the Graduate Committee for Accountancy.

The WIU Department of Accounting and Finance provides a student-centered environment that promotes academic excellence, professional and personal growth, a spirit of collegiality, and ethical and professional conduct. The Department’s curriculum and activities develop outstanding graduates who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to enter the accounting profession and to meet future career challenges.

For More Information

A complete descriptions of the Master of Accountancy program and courses offered are available in the Graduate Catalog. Interested candidates can also contact the program director, Professor Susanna Pendergast, at

Other Information


Information about job opportunities is available through WIU's Office Career Services.


Course registration and current class schedules are available online via STARS.


A variety of scholarships is available to accountacy students; visit the Scholarship Office for a listing of scholarships.

Student Organizations

Accountancy students are encouraged to become active members of the student organizations affiliated with the department.