Federal Law

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  • United States Code Annotated, Print edition located in Legal Reference (no longer kept up-to-date - 2012)
  • Statutes at Large

    Military Law

    State Law

    • Illinois Compiled Statutes (biennial, 1992 to 2012)
    • Smith-Hurd Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated
      • This set includes history and cases under every part of each Illinois law. Located in Legal Reference (no longer kept-up-to-date)
      • Also searchable and browseable via Nexis Uni (Pathway: All Sources/Narrow by Statutes and Legislation and then Illinois (in left sidebar)/IL - Illinois Compiled Statues Annotated
    • Illinois Revised Statutes
      • 1845-1908, scattered; 1909-1917, 1921-1939 Ask at the Government and Legal Information Office, 4th Floor.
      • 1941-1991 located in Legal Reference
    • Conversion/Cross-Reference Tables
    • Illinois Public Acts (1997 forward)
    • Laws of Illinois
    • Laws of the Illinois Territory, 1809-1818
    • Laws of Indiana Territory, 1801-1809
    • Laws of the Northwest Territory, 1788-1800
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    Colonial Law

    • American Colonial Records, 1636-1836(166 reels)
      • Microfilm. E 187 .P8, 2nd floor.
      • This collection contains the statutes written and passed by the legislatures of the fifteen colonies in addition to other public records.

    City Codes