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Indian Community School, Inc.

Why should a student want to participate in the program?

Indian Community School’s (ICS) state-of-the-art facility provides students a learning environment that is unlike any other school. A facility that will offer a very unique student teaching experience. Indigenous teachings and philosophy are present throughout the school and experiences offered. This one-of-a-kind experience will inspire the student teacher no matter what type of student they serve. Those that participate in this experience will learn about understanding/empathy and culturally appropriate instruction that will benefit them in future careers.

What makes doing their student teaching at tribal school such a wonderful opportunity?

ICS is a private school for American Indian students in K4-8th Grade. ICS is located on 178 acres of land in Franklin, WI and serves approximately 360 students from throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area. At ICS students are engaged in deepening their cultural identity while striving for academic excellence. Working in a tribal community provides the tools and experiences to build a collaborative learning environment with community engagement at the center. This particular experience provides experience in unique and diverse settings to further prepare students for teaching in an increasingly diverse society.

What will their weeks at your school look like? Both in and out of the classroom?

ICS is an intertribal school that serves students from various tribe and from both urban and suburban communities. Students participate in programming to prepare them for high school and beyond. Including core academic classes, music, art, physical education, social-emotional learning and the choice of three native languages. At ICS, you will be able to see how our community weaves cultural practices and ways of being in an innovative and state of the art campus. Time will be spent in both the classroom and school community. Gaining a unique perspective of serving an intertribal urban community. Whether it is project-based learning, outdoor learning, language classes, classroom experience or community events, you will feel what education should feel like for all students in our country.
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