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Roommate Matching System

After filling out your housing application, visit STARS and select "Roommate Matching" in the UHDS Information Menu (this option is available to access one-business day after receiving your online application). The system is designed to help better match and allow students to self-select roommates before moving to campus in the fall. Participation in the system in completely voluntary and is  completed in 3 simple steps:

Opens November 1

Step 1: Complete your Profile...

We will ask you (the student) to respond to a series of questions ranging from your living habits to your extracurricular interests and to complete an "ideal roommate" profile based off of the same questions you answered about yourself.

Coming Soon

Step 2: Search and Browse...

See your top ten matches, view their profiles, add them to your favorite list, remove them from your top ten list and search around. See a screen shot with explanation of features...

Coming Soon

Step 3: Communicate and Confirm...

Finally, when you are ready, communicate with your matches, send potential roommates messages and, ultimately, choose your roommate with one click (in order for all roommate requests to be eligible, both roommates must confirm their selection). See a screen shot with explanation of features...

If you would like to request a specific roommate, you may do so at the time of filling out your housing application or by visiting STARS and selecting "Request a Roommate" from the UHDS Housing Information Menu. If either no roommate is specifically requested or you do not participate in our roommate matching program, you will be assigned randomly based on your eight lifestyle questions completed at the time of your application.

How do I access roommate matching?

  • Login to STARS using your WIU ID and Password (wiu.edu/STARS)**
  • Select "UHDS Housing Information Menu" from the STARS drop down (upper-left corner)
  • Click on the "Roommate Matching System" button from the list of options

**Please note that the Roommate Matching System is available for use one business day after you apply for housing.

  • If you have any questions, feedback or trouble, feel free to email uhds@wiu.edu

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