University Technology


User accounts for students, faculty, staff, departments, organizations are known as "ECom Accounts."

ECom services include:

  • A unique email address on Zimbra (which includes email, calendaring, document sharing, etc.) with 1GB storage space
  • 1GB of space on ECom for web pages and/or personal file storage
  • All other services requiring use of an ECom username/password (i.e. computer labs and WesternOnline)
  • Access to many WIU computing resources including campus email, UNIX systems, WesternOnline, web page publishing and more.

Managing Your ECom Account

There are three steps to managing your ECom Account.

  1. Get Your Account
  2. Activate Your Account
  3. Manage Your Account (& changing your password through Guava)

 Managing Your Account

A Note About Your Ecom Password: NEVER share your password with others. NEVER email your password. NEVER give it out on the phone. NEVER leave it written down where others could take it. [ More About Passwords... ]

Passwords protect your information privacy. They also prevent people from posing as you to harass you or others, use your information for illegal gains, or ruin your reputation. Protect Yourself.

Creating Passwords

In general, passwords should;

  • be easy for you to remember - but difficult for other people to guess.
  • consist of a combination of letters & other characters, with unusual spelling and/or capitalization.
  • NOT be easily guessed/googled words, such as your favorite color, names of friends, family members or pets, or numbers such as your birth date or telephone number.

Changing Your Ecom Password

To maintain the security of your account, change your password regularly, at least every 2 - 3 months. If you suspect that another person may have access to your account, change your password immediately. Please note, you can only use GUAVA to change your password. If you change your password using the utilities in Microsoft Windows or in programs like Microsoft Outlook, your ECom password will not change.

  1. Visit GUAVA at
  2. Login using your ECom username & password
  3. Click 'Personal'
  4. Enter your new password using the 'Update Account Password' form field
  5. Click 'Change Password' button. After processing your info, you should see a confirmation screen verifying that your password was successfully changed.

Lost or Locked Passwords

Forgotten your password? Entered it wrong too many times & locked it up? Our Support Center can reset it for you.

Contact us at (309) 298-2704.

Termination of ECom Accounts

ECom accounts are only guaranteed to be available for one semester after graduating or otherwise leaving the University. When ECom accounts are purged, files saved on your University network drives, personal web pages, and Zimbra e-mail accounts will be deleted. An e-mail notification will be sent one month prior to ECom termination.