University Technology

Technology-Related University Policies

  • Technology Use Policy
    States that users of university computing resources are responsible for ascertaining, understanding, and complying with the laws, rules, policies, contracts, and licenses applicable to their particular uses. 
  • Data Security and Handling Policy
    Defines the right of the university to examine computer records or monitor computer activities and appropriate actions and measures that can be taken.
  • Electronic Mail (Email) Policy
    Clarifies proper use of University provided electronic mail (email).
  • Mobile & Remote Communication Policy
    Guidelines, criteria and conditions of use of mobile/remote communication devices (mobile/remote telephones, email appliances, wireless PDAs, etc).
  • Password Policy
    Provides password guidance and requirements for university technology systems.
  • Remote Work Policy Remote work guidelines for administrative professional and civil service appointments.
  • Web Use, Accessibility and Privacy Policy
    Defines university website usage, accessibility and privacy requirements.

Departmental Processes & Procedures