University Technology


University Technology endeavors to provide solid, comprehensive technology infrastructure; an efficient, effective operations environment; and high-quality, timely services and support to the Western Illinois University community to advance the University’s goals and objectives while reflecting its core values: Academic Excellence, Educational Opportunity, Personal Growth and Social Responsibility.


University Technology will be a leader among its peers in supporting a connected, state-of-the-art educational environment.


Other Information

Administrative Office 
The uTech Administrative Office coordinates the many different units that make up uTech in order to align uTech's goals and objectives with WIUs strategic plan of  Higher Values in Higher Education

Support Center (help desk) 
The uTech Support Center serves as a first point of contact for WIU faculty, staff and students needing technical help. They provide walk-in, phone and email support services. 

Digital Spaces 
Digital Spaces designs, builds, maintains, upgrades and supports all WIU general use electronic classrooms, computer labs and video conference facilities. 

Desktop and Hardware Services 
Desktop and Hardware Services provides desktop and mobile computing support for WIU faculty and staff. DHS also performs hardware repairs on WIU equipment and offers hardware recommendations for the campus community. 

The Telecommunications office is the point of contact to install a new phone or to move an existing phone. They are also the point of contact for cellular stipends, university-owned cellular phones, calling cards, authorization codes, pagers, and provides billing for all administration and students and maintains the E911 records for WIU. 

Center for the Application of Information Technologies (CAIT) 
CAIT, a center in uTech, provides innovative and practical technology solutions (web applications, mobile technology), technical consulting, and sound e-learning on campus as well as to external clients such as state agencies, educational institutions, businesses, and public agencies. 

Web Services 
Web Services coordinates production & dissemination of content on the domain pages, and serves as the principle leader in advancing Western Illinois University's web presence. 

Enterprise Systems 
Enterprise Systems is responsible for installing, maintaining and monitoring both system software running on WIU's IBM z9 mainframe as well as all peripheral hardware devices attached to the mainframe. The system supports all administrative batch processing as well as WIUP and STARS transactional systems. 

Network Infrastructure 
Network Infrastructure designs, maintains, and monitors WIUs data and voice networks. This includes the administrative network that all academic and administrative buildings use as well as the Residential Network (ResNet) for on-campus students. 

Server Administration 
The server administration team designs, maintains and monitors uTechs servers (Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac) that provide a myriad of services to the WIU community.