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Warning About File Sharing

Use of fire sharing software to provide access to copyrighted material is in direct violation of Western Illinois University's Appropriate Use Policy. All notices of copyright infringement will be forwarded to the individual or individuals indicated in the notice as determined by university personnel. It is the sole responsibility of the individual to cease the copyright infringement. If the individual continues the copyright infringement, they can be held liable for penalties that are specified in relevant copyright laws.

ResNet currently provides up to 520 Mbps for internet access, as well as network & technical support to students who wish to connect their computer systems to the WIU network and reside in residence halls and graduate & family housing.

Helpful Information


ResNet Speed

ResNet Internet connection increased from 310 – 520 Mbps:

uTech Network Team has been working on increasing the available bandwidth for the ResNet Internet connection. At this time the ResNet Internet connection has been increased from 310 Mbps [Mega bits per second] to 520 Mbps. We will continue our efforts to increase the available bandwidth for the ResNet Internet connection, however further improvements and obtaining our goal of a 1 Gbps [Giga bits per second], also known as 1024 Mbps, Internet connection for ResNet require the replacement of several pieces of network equipment. We have begun the process of requesting the new equipment and hope to have it installed in the near future.

Online Help 24/7

Western's Knowledgebase is online help available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Search from thousands of answers about computer technology, software, and more.

Services Provided

uTech provides a full-time ResNet Manager who will work with the ResNet student workers and full-time UT staff to maintain the ResNet environment and

First level support consisting of

  • general computer or network connection support 
  • general technology inquiries through the Help Desk
  • student ResNet workers for connecting a personal computer to ResNet and accessing Internet resources

When necessary, issues will be escalated to second and third level support for advanced troubleshooting of network related issues.

Levels of Support

ResNet has a goal of being able to provide 85% of requested support within the following impact and time guidelines.

Severity Level 1 (Catastrophic) - e.g., no access to the Internet or campus resources for all residence halls

  • Service Response time of 30-60 minutes

Severity Level  2  (Urgent) - e.g., no access to the Internet or campus resources for one entire residence hall

  • Service Response time of 1-2 hours

Severity Level 3 (Significant) - e.g., several users unable to access Internet resources

  • Service Response time of 4-8 hours

Severity Level 4 (Limited) - e.g., individual user problem

  • Service Response time of 1-2 days, however, this is dependent upon the availability of the user for call back and support.
Supported by ResNet Technicians
  • Software that connects to the Internet (Instant messengers, Email, etc.)
  • Web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)
  • Network card installation
  • Spyware removal
  • Switch support
  • Norton Anti-Virus installation
  • Virus removal
Sorry, our ResNet technicians cannot support the following:
  • Hardware (monitors, printers, mice, etc.)
  • Other software (MS Word, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Computers that will not boot into safemode