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WIU Wireless Changes Completed

May 25, 2019

University Technology completed changes to the University’s wireless on the evening of Friday, May 24.  As a reminder, some users of the University’s wireless networks may need to reconfigure their devices if they experience problems reconnecting.

Find instructions for connecting your device(s) to wireless at If you need assistance, contact the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH), visit us in Stipes Hall 126, or chat with us online at

Changes coming to WIU wireless on May 24

May 8, 2019

On the evening of May 24, 2019, University Technology will make changes to the University’s wireless networks. Following the changes, some users of the University’s wireless networks may need to reconfigure their personal devices or contact uTech for assistance with University wireless devices if they experience problems reconnecting.

More details of the change will be forthcoming later this month, so employees and students are advised to watch their inbox for more information.

Opt-in to receive technology disruption notifications from University Technology

April 25, 2019

In an effort to improve communication to the University during technology disruptions, University Technology now offers a way for University constituents to receive email notifications when such disruptions occur, opting into a notifications list.

To subscribe to this list, send an email to from your WIU email account; you will receive a confirmation email with a “join” link that you must click to complete the subscription process. (If you wish to sign up for the email list from a non-WIU email account, or if you otherwise experience problems subscribing on your own, please contact so that uTech can manually add your address).

We do not anticipate sending a high number of email messages. During our internal testing of this system, we have found that, on average, we send 6 emails per month for about 3 disruption events. These messages typically involve an “incident notification” alert when we detect a technology issue, and a corresponding “incident resolution” email when the issue has been resolved. During longer outages, we may send update messages as new information becomes available before we resolve the issue.

You will have the ability to opt out of this email list at any time, and the footer of every email you receive will provide instructions on unsubscribing.

uTech also posts incident notifications on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, so you may consider following us there, as well: and

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via one of the methods below.

University Technology
Stipes Hall 126 | (309) 298-TECH |

Password Policy Implementation

March 19, 2019

uTech has worked hard over the last several months to implement changes to systems in order to comply with updated password requirements in the University’s new Password Policy :

    • ECom Passwords will no longer have specific character requirements. You will not have to include upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters in your password. Simply create a long, unique, easy-to-remember password (think pass phrase instead of pass word ).
  • When you change your ECom password, we will ensure that it has not appeared in a previous data breach. This will help you select a secure password.
  • Your ECom password will not expire unless it becomes compromised or potentially compromised. You may change your password at any time but do not have to change it every 120 days as you did previously.
  • You will no longer make ECom password and related changes in GUAVA. We have moved all password and account-related functions from GUAVA to , the University’s new Password & Account Self-Service site. From this new site, you can activate and reactivate accounts, change and reset passwords, and update your password self-recovery options.
  • If you do not change your ECom password between March 19 and July 17 ,  the system will lock your account , requiring you to reset your password   by visiting  and selecting the “Forgot Your Password?” option, by visiting , or by calling the uTech Support Center at (309) 298-8324 (298-TECH).   


What if I don’t change my password?

Password Policy Implementation & GUAVA Changes Occurring March 19

March 15, 2019

On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, University Technology (uTech) will be implementing some changes in order to improve user experience and security. These changes are possible due to the updated University Password Policy

As part of this project, ECom account activation and password changes will soon be handled using a new updated password and account management system that is mobile friendly. uTech will be phasing out GUAVA and moving all passwords and account-related functions to this new system.

Expect a new web interface when changing your passwords after March 19; more details, including instructions on how to change your password, will be emailed to the campus community the morning of the change.  Please read that email carefully and if you have any questions, please reach out to uTech at (309) 298-TECH.

(Click on the screenshots above to view larger versions of the images.)

Windows 7 End of Support is Approaching - Upgrade to Windows 10 ASAP

March 7, 2019

After more than 10 years, Microsoft is ending its support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. After that date, Microsoft will provide no more security updates or technical support for the Windows 7 operating system.

If you use Windows 7 on a University-owned computer, upgrade it to Windows 10 at your earliest possible convenience.

  1. Request an upgrade to Windows 10 by submitting a support request at
  2. Note that the upgrade process requires a complete reimage of a computer and deletes all data and programs from that computer.
  3. uTech expects and assumes that users store their University-related data in Google Drive or on their department's or office's S drive. For information about using Google Drive, see "Google Drive File Stream User Guide."
  4. Backup the bookmarks from each of the browsers that you use to Google Drive, S drive, or portable media (such as a USB thumb drive). For information about backing up bookmarks, see "Backing Up Web Browser Bookmarks."
  5. Note all specialty software currently installed on a computer before an upgrade, and include a list of all WIU-owned specialty software in your upgrade request. Locate all necessary installation discs and product keys; uTech technicians will reinstall WIU-owned software during the upgrade process. Users will need to reinstall personally owned specialty software following an upgrade.

Technicians may determine that some computers do not support Windows 10 or that some critical applications do not run in Windows 10. Consequently,

  • Offices and departments might need to replace computers that do not support Windows 10.
  • University Technology might permanently disconnect computers running critical applications that do not run in Windows 10 from the University's wired and wireless networks.

Help to protect your data, the University's network, and the computers and data of others by upgrading to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

WIU's Central Sign-On Login Page Changing January 8

December 20, 2018

On the evening of Tuesday, January 8, 2019, University Technology (uTech) will be performing an upgrade to the University’s “Central Sign-On” system. All WIU employees, students, and alumni use this system to log in to resources such as email, calendaring, WesternOnline, and Purple Post.

As a part of this upgrade, minor, cosmetic changes will be applied to the system. We have reorganized and expanded support-related information in an effort to make it more mobile friendly and to ensure that users of the system can obtain assistance more efficiently.

As always, verify that the address bar starts with before entering your password in order to protect yourself against illegitimate phishing websites.

(Click on the screenshots above to view larger versions of the images.)

Hunt Named Director of University Technology-AIMS

September 26, 2018

Stacie Hunt Stacie Hunt, interim director of University Technology–Administrative Information Management Systems (AIMS) at Western Illinois University, has been named director of University Technology–AIMS, effective Sept. 1, according to WIU Interim Executive Director and Chief Information Officer (CIO) Rebecca Slater.

Hunt has served as the interim director of University Technology-AIMS since January 2016. She has worked in AIMS since 1997 in multiple roles, including applications programmer, application analyst and information technology manager.

"Stacie possesses an extraordinary mix of talents and abilities that make her a perfect fit for this position. She is an exceptional leader who excels at customer service and demonstrates remarkable technical skills," Slater said.

Prior to joining WIU, Hunt worked in the Accounting Systems department at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, IA.

Hunt received her Bachelor of Business in Accounting from Western.

Reporting to the CIO, the director of AIMS coordinates and oversees the operational activities of AIMS. AIMS partners with University constituents to create, implement and support integrated information management solutions that contribute to the success of the University's mission.

Join us in congratulating Paul on his new title! 

ISP Maintenance to Affect Quad Cities Campus

September 14, 2018

WIU was notified Thursday afternoon that one of our ISPs will be experiencing an outage on Sunday September 16, 2018 between 06:00 - 10:00 am. This outage will affect the point to point link that is our direct connection between the Macomb and Quad Cities campuses. We are currently working on plans that should prevent any services between the two campuses from going down during the outage. There could be a slow down in those services as the alternate connection is much slower than the primary connection.

If for some reason the plans above do not work, a number of services at the QC campus will be affected for the duration of the outage.

Potentially Affected Services:

  • Wireless certificate and guest access will not be available
  • Any wireless device that uses WIU-DEVICE will not be able to connect
  • Some mainframe printing will not work
  • Lab PaperCut release stations and access to uPrint will be unavailable
  • Door Access Control will be working in offline mode, no updates to access will occur during the outage
  • Video Conferencing would require the manual entry of the 143.43.x.x number of the other end, as DNS will resolve to internal 10.x.x.x numbers which will not be reachable

Additional communication is being sent to social media and to individuals that are known to be affected by this outage on Sunday.

Sweet Named Director of the WIU Center for the Application of Information Technologies

July 24, 2018

Paul Sweet Paul Sweet has been named director of the Western Illinois University Center for the Application of Information Technologies (CAIT), according to WIU Interim Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Executive Director of University Technology Rebecca Slater.

Sweet began his career at Western more than 20 years ago as a graphic designer for CAIT. He has also served as instructional designer, project manager and, most recently, as production coordinator.

"Paul's demonstrated leadership will provide CAIT strategic focus to advance the organization to new levels," said Slater. "I have no doubt that CAIT will continue to generate new and exciting opportunities for the University to serve our constituency through his dedicated vision."

Sweet earned his M.S. in instructional design and technology and his B.A. in graphic design, both from WIU.

Reporting to the CIO, the director of CAIT will coordinate the daily activities and services of the Center in an effort to support CAIT's external initiatives, as well as the core values of Western Illinois University.

Join us in congratulating Paul on his new title! 

O'Donnell-Brown Named Interim Director of User Support Services

July 2, 2018

Sean O'Donnell-Brown has been named interim director of User Support Services, effective July 1. Before joining uTech, O’Donnell-Brown served as director (7 years) and assistant director (3 years) of Document and Publication Services (DPS), managing the staff (21-32 employees) and operations of a customer-focused department that provided a wide variety of print preparation, production, distribution, and related services for the University. He served as technology coordinator of a DPS predecessor office for ten (10) years prior to becoming assistant director.

O'Donnell-Brown has master's degrees in computer science and English (writing) from Western Illinois University and a bachelor's degree in math and English from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point.

Please join us in congratulating Sean on his new interim role.

Slater Named Interim CIO

June 6, 2018

Rebecca SlaterRebecca Slater, director of University Technology-User Support Services at Western Illinois University, has been named interim Chief Information Officer (CIO)/executive director of University Technology at WIU, effective July 1, according to Interim Provost and Academic Vice President Kathy Neumann. Slater replaces Stephen Frazier who will retire June 30.

Slater has served as the director of University Technology-User Support Services since January 2017. Previously, she was the information security officer at Memorial Health System (Springfield, IL) for four years.

"Rebecca's expertise brings a history of broad experience. Her ability to balance customer needs with the realities of technology, risk management and compliance, as well as business continuity will enable her to provide sound guidance and oversight of University Technology," Neumann added.

Previously, she served as the information system security administrator, Memorial Health System (2012-13), and in various positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, including business continuity coordinator, project manager and as an information security application analyst.

Slater earned her MBA (IT management) from Western Governors University and her B.A. in business administration from Lindenwood University.

Reporting to the provost, the Chief Information Officer plans, coordinates, directs and designs all operational activities of University Technology (uTech). The CIO collaborates directly with all areas in the University to identify, recommend, develop, implement and support technology solutions for all aspects of the organization. Areas within University Technology include telecommunications, web support, desktop support, help desk support center, classroom services, the Center for the Application of Information Technologies (CAIT), uTech labs, networks, enterprise systems, servers, networks and security.

New Gmail Web Interface Available to WIU

May 17, 2018

Google recently unveiled a new look and feel for the Gmail web interface, and now WIU students and employees can opt-in to try it out for themselves!

A complete rundown of all of the new features can be found on Google’s blog.

You can start using these new updates in Gmail on the web today, with some features appearing within the coming weeks. Go to Settings (the cog wheel in the top right corner of your inbox) and select “Try the new Western Illinois University Mail.” If you want to switch back later down the road, you can go to the same place and select “Go back to classic Western Illinois University Mail.”

As a reminder, complete help documentation for Gmail and all other products that are a part of WIU’s GSuite can be found at The uTech Support Center is also available to assist - contact us via any of the means located at our website.

Welcome Ian Szechowycz to uTech!

April 9, 2018

Ian Szechowycz Please welcome Ian Szechowycz to University Technology!

Ian has joined the User Support Services team as the Lab and Classroom Manager. Ian has been with WIU since 2014 as a Business Administrative Associate in Financial Systems. Ian also spent three years working as a uTech lead computer lab assistant while pursuing his Bachelor of Business degree, which he earned in 2012.

Join us in welcoming Ian to the team, and make sure you say hello the next time you are in Stipes Hall!

Rosner Named Quad Cities Technology Lab Manager

April 3, 2018

Thomas RosnerWe are pleased to announce Thomas O. Rosner as the new Quad Cities Technology Lab manager. Many of you are probably familiar with Thomas as he is a long time WIU and uTech team member. 

Join us in welcoming Thomas to his new role, and make sure you congratulate him the next time you see him on campus (or via video conference)!


uTech Employee Recognition Awards

Most of the work performed by uTech Employees is done "behind the scenes" - where faculty, staff, and students do not generally see the people making our technology work. Our efforts impact everyone on the WIU campus, yet many remain unaware of the highly-skilled, complex issues our employees solve every day to keep WIU connected. We'd like to give a big "THANKS" for all our employees who work very hard, often under tight deadlines, and in sometimes less-than ideal conditions. [View uTech Employee Recognition Program & Award Winners]