Sponsored Projects

Funding Checklist

  1. Please send the original award documents and/or contracts (which would be signed by an authorized official) to the Office of Sponsored Projects. Original documents (which include valuable information about how WIU will receive the money and reporting requirements) are required by the Business Office to set up an account. If certain terms of the agreement need to be negotiated, please work with Sponsored Projects to ensure all university policies are followed.
  2. You will receive an account number that starts with "5" – xxxxx. This number will be used on all paperwork making expenditures from your account (Direct Pay Authorizations, Travel Vouchers, Requests for Purchase, Supplemental Pay Forms, Recommendations for Appointment, Lump Sum Payments).
  3. If you have been told you are going to receive an award, but have not yet received official documentation, one way to set up the account is via a guarantee memo. Guarantee memos are requested by the project director, of their respective Dean or the Provost's Office. The memo allows expenses to be charged on a project and "guaranteed" from an account of the guarantor's choosing, until the agreement arrives to campus. Please send the memo to the Office of Sponsored Projects.
  4. If the amount of money awarded differs from the amount proposed, a revised budget will be necessary before the account can be set up. Please contact Sponsored Projects for assistance in revising your budget.
  5. Fill out the Conflict of Interest Policy form sent to you and return to Sponsored Projects, so it can be placed in your file. The federal government requires that these forms be updated annually.
  6. Fill out the Fiscal Agent Signature sheet sent to you by your grant administrator and return promptly to assist them in setting up your account. Please indicate an alternate fiscal agent who can sign paperwork in your absence.
  7. Notify Sponsored Projects when you want to receive pay for your work on your sponsored project (if applicable). We can prepare a supplemental payment form for you and assist with other payroll questions.
  8. Although rules vary by agency, please contact Sponsored Projects as soon as you realize you need a time extension for your project, a budget transfer between line items, an increase in your budget amount – or anything else that both WIU and the funding agency would need to know about, and that may require permission from the funding agency.
  9. Please supply Sponsored Projects with copies of any programmatic progress reports, or final reports you may submit to the agency. This will provide us with a more complete picture of your project and we will have all of your pertinent information in one location.